Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So Grateful To You~

~ Blue Hydrangea~

~Nikko Blue Hydrangea~

~Endless Summer Hydrangea*~

We are so very grateful to all of you for the kind thoughts and prayers for our sweet Jack Alexander. He will undergo tests this week, and we will hopefully have answers soon.

I had a nice time this past weekend at my cousin's wedding in New York, but Jack was never far from our thoughts. My son changed his plans and naturally wanted to stay very close to home with his wife and our two dear Grandchildren.

When there is something to report I will, but we would appreciate continued prayers for our little guy. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

*We have blue Hydrangea shrubs along the front of our home. They have exceptional years and other seasons they give only a few gorgeous flowers. Two summers ago I stepped outside around 6:00 a.m. to find a man with a camera and tripod set up, taking photos of a particular bountiful display. I was thrilled to let him photographer my Hydrangeas, but never asked for a copy of the photograph!

We're are hoping for another banner year! I will definitely be taking and sharing photographs. For Maine, and other harsh winter climates I recommend the Endless Summer variety. Our Hydrangeas will re-bloom a couple of times during the summer. I encourage you to try this variety- they do not disappoint.


  1. Oh Oh oohh....(lack of oxygen right now)...these are MY flowers. I love many flowers and plants, but the Hydrangea!!? oohh...so beautiful, sooo beautiful...

    And YES, share that with us, please!
    XX, Carmie.

  2. Debra I wonder if the hydrangeas would do well in Anchorage Alaska.... PS where was the wedding held? And, best wishes to Jack and your family for some good news. xoxo

  3. Debra - Your Hydrangea shrubs you have are beautiful, and the varities - luck you!!
    The Endless Hydrangea is one of my favorite all time flowers. I say that about all flowers, no seriously they are! My neighbor scratches aluminum sulfite powder into the base of the plant, and the next year, the blooms turn from bluish-purple to a gorgeous pink w/a bluish base. I'll take a pic. for you when they bloom. Hydrangeas in NJ don't bloom until later summer.
    I have 2 low growing Hydrangea (I think they're called Venice). We planted them last year, so this year they should really take off. You've heard of that old saying "first year sleep, second year creep, third year leap"
    I think they're in the creep stage,but growing strong. I am in love with the amount of gorgeous bright greenery I am seeing growing on the new wood. It's a wonderment right in front of my eyes. Everyday there's more. I think mine will be a late summer bloom, so I will post then.

    Most importantly, my prayers continue for your little Jack.

  4. CT~ The Hydrangea is my favorite shrub! If I could send you a big, fluffy bunch I would!

    Ina~ Endless Summer would be the only variety for your climate-but well worth a try! The wedding was in NY and the reception in NJ-perfect weather for a wedding. Thank you for your continued thoughts for Jack.

    Purple Flowers~ I could guess you would love these. With the E.S. variety you don't need to use aluminum sulfate, but if you do... just deeper, richer color! I'm so anxious for these to start! Thank you for the prayers for Jack.

  5. Deb, for sure will keep Jack in my prayers.

    I love Hydrangea but can't seem to grow them. I just purchased another plant over the weekend. Does it need special food or something?

    Have a golden day! xoxo

  6. Joyce, depending on the variety- use the tagged directions, and water well when you plant it. I'll keep fingers crossed for you with a beautifully, developing Hydrangea.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  7. Debra, I just logged on. I'm praying hard for sweet Jack and sending all good thoughts your way. Stay positive and thanks for the beautiful images. So pretty.

  8. Thanks for the tip, Debra, I am going to check with my local nursery about Endless Summer, I just love hydrangeas.

  9. These are gorgeous, Debra. Nikko blue is my favorite. Little Jack is in my prayers and thoughts.

  10. Kwana~ Thank you dear. I just returned from buying fresh tomatoes, cukes-have to have a nice salad after reading about your garden.

    Ina~ Yes, check it out and let me know. You will love this variety!

    Anne~ I have a few Nikko's and they are great too. Not quite as hardy here-but they usually winter-over. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

  11. Hydrangeas do really well in where I live...such showy & proud flowers they are...
    PS: Hope & pray for little Jack dear!
    ~XO* as always

  12. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous. I wish I could grow mine like that! I'm keeping little Jack in my thoughts and hope to hear good news soon.

  13. Lenorenevermore~ I would love to see photos of the Hydrangeas near you! Thank you for your sweet thoughts and prayers.

    Kotori~ Perhaps you could try one of these Endless Summer Hydrangeas- they are easy to grow and hardy! Thank you dear for your thoughts. I hope to have good news soon-

  14. I adore Hydrangeas, my favorites. I know things will be better for your family soon Debra!

  15. Karena~ Thank you. Hydrangeas are so full-of-fluffiness, aren't they? We are enjoying a special painting from a special someone.

  16. Gorgeous photos!! I have been curious to try Endless Summer, I have so many hydrangeas already, but I'm sure I can squeeze another one in!

    Do keep us posted on sweet Jack. You are all in my thoughts!

  17. Will say special prayers for Jack - thanks for the lovely hydrangeas.

  18. Jack and your family are in my prayers!

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  20. YOU NEED MY ADDRESS??? lol

    (can't even spell right...)


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