Monday, April 20, 2009

A Fab Weekend~

~Erin at the beach~

After picking up our little Granddaughter on Thursday, we went to the beach for a little play. We had a quiet evening at home and then on Friday we headed back to the beach. We played baseball, walked on the beach and played in the warm sand.

~Erin the jewelry maker~

On Saturday we made jewelry, went on errands and then off to get her bangs cut...Mimi forgot the camera in the car...cell phone too!

~A romp in the lake~

After dinner on Saturday we went for our evening walk down to the lake. Erin tested the waters and thought that was "really cool"! Mimi thought it was really cool in many ways...

Children don't seem to be bothered by things like icy cold waters-where last weekend there was still a partially frozen lake.

~After a little trim~

Grandparents have the best job of all! When Erin comes to visit, we make no plans. The days are all hers, she gets to decided what we'll do.

* Two visits to the beach
* Plenty of baseball
* Chipping away at the last bit of snow
* Lots of Candy Land
* Making beaded jewelry
* Special dinners at the dining room table
* Meeting new little girlfriends in the neighborhood
* Ice Cream
* Pop-pop's pancakes each morning.
* Shopping for new shoes and clothes.
* Long, bubbly bath-times

By next spring baby brother Jack will be old enough to come for visits! We can't wait to have our darling Grandson join in on the fun! I think Mimi and Pop-pop will need a little vacation after a visit from both Erin and Jack!!!

~Long glorious days with Erin~

We are supremely blessed.


  1. Goodmorning Debra, sounds lilke a Great weekend for all of you indeed. So cute how little Erin is fast a sleep. The photo where she has both of her feet in the (ice) cold water is beautiful. And I know, my mum says the same: - Greatparents have the best job of them all -; "I am here to spoil them, you can do the rest". Have a nice day!!!

  2. I believe it's these joys that make life so important: the spending of time with family and friends. Erin looks adorable! I love the color of her hair, and that last picture kind of sums it up! Isn't it also great to have the pictures to show her now and in her later years.

  3. Call me crazy, but I cannot wait to be a Grandma, a Nana, a Mimi, a Grammy - I promise to be good, patient, full of love and in awe of the age of innocence! Looks like it was a splendid weekend for all. Bet it will be quiet today. Love the photos!

  4. Oh my dear friend- it sounds like a wonderful weekend! I think crazy and silly aunts run a close second to grandparents. It makes me bubbly when my nieces and nephews want to spend time with me even as old as they are and when the little neighbor kids ask to spend the day with me. I won't know the blessings of the wonderful title grandma, nana, mimi etc... but I'm verrrry bless to have my sisters and friends share their children with me. My one friend's son when he was younger always said "when Joyce is around it is like Christmas". lol...
    Thanks for sharing your perfect weekend Deb with your beautiful Erin! xoxo

  5. What a wonderful weekend. She's a beauty!

  6. What a beautiful child - and so lucky to have a wonderful Mimi! You are both blessed.

  7. What a fabulous weekend - full of so much fun. What a lucky girl to have grandparents like you!

  8. I would say that was a perfect weekend filled with all the little things she wanted to do, but brought you all the little moments you'll always remember. Love that picture of her sweet.

  9. indeed a fab weekend. Erin is the cutest! I wouldn't mind the same itinerary myself.

  10. Ah! a granddaughter, I hear they are precious and your day together sounds so relaxing - I feel the warm sand between my toes.

  11. Your grandaughter Erin is a doll, Debra! So wonderful that she has such doting grandparents!

  12. What a wonderful Mimi you are! She is a lucky girl and WE are lucky parents to have you and Pop-Pop there to take her off our hands when we (and you) need it. Until June... :)

  13. It looks like a perfect weekend for everyone!! Erin is beautiful. I love that last photo!

  14. Looked just wonderful. I love Candy Land too!

  15. Debra, is there any chance you would consider adopting me as another Grandchild? Yes, I guess 53 may be a little too old, but please consider!!
    Millie ^_^

  16. Adorable! I love the pigtails....


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