Friday, May 8, 2009

Coffee with a friend~


One of my favorite things is to take time out for a morning at a nearby cafe to have coffee with a friend.
Catching up on things and relaxing with a good friend over a good cup of coffee is such a special treat.
What do you do to treat yourself and to catch up with friends?


  1. A chat on the phone for those who are far,
    A walk in the park with those who are near
    A cup of coffee or tea for two...
    A lunch date
    A therapy
    A scratch on the head for my dog...
    If I had a tail, I would wag it -- all this makes me smile.

  2. pve~ Such a nice list of special treats for yourself and your pup. Coffee and a chat soon!

  3. It definitely is a treat to spend time with a friend or friends no matter how the time is spent on the phone, a visit, blogging, shopping, coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, having them over to spoil them, evening adult cocktail... There is just something special being with a friend. Enjoy my friend your wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day too!! xoxo

  4. I am so glad that you asked this question because it has helped me to realize I don't treat myself to catching up with friends enough. My list is similar to pve's: walks, coffee, lunch, chats, etc. but the catch is that these moments are too infrequent and that is something that needs to change. Life and work get in the way of nurturing friendships sometimes....changing this will be a new goal.

    Tricia - Avolli

  5. Joyce~ We need a walk and a cup of coffee- come to think of it, I like your breakfasts, so let's do that!

    Tricia~ So happy you stopped by! Yes-treat yourself to something special with a friend. You'd be surprised what it does for the soul.

  6. I love coffee or a relaxing drink with friends. the older I get the more I know how important good friends are. Thanks so much and have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  7. I always love coffee with a friend. My dearest coffee pal moved far away a few months ago and I miss her so much! Also, a night out for a cocktail or dessert is always a nice idea!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Much the same as everyone else - but it always revolves around a catch up with good friends, xv.

  9. I love coffee with friends or a Starbucks Passionfruit Tea. Have a wonderful Mother's Day, Debra! XO

  10. I'll be right over for some ant-free coffee with you!

    Now that the sun is out, I like to sit on my deck with a good book, a glass of wine and a few little critters lying about.

    I also enjoy long walks with aforesaid critters, even though 2 of the three of them are TUGGERS!!!

    Happy Mother's Day Debra!! xoxo

  11. Barefoot Contessa guacamole and margarita's!!!

  12. Kwana~I would love with your knitting group. I'll drink coffee and you ladies can knit!

    Little Bird~ You must miss your friend. I like the idea of drinks out too.

    Vicki~ Coffee on your veranda- ahhh!!!

    Anne~ I'll be trying your tea.

    Ina~ They're GONE!!! Thankfully. Wine and a good book-now you're talking.

    I love Ina's guacamole because it's chunky and so good~ add a margarita...or two~that's a good time!

  13. Coffee, tea, wine, long as it's something to drink with friends it's always a treat! Italian coffee is very tasty....;-p...giggle giggle

    XX, Carmie.

  14. Carmie~ I adore the coffee in Italy-nothing quite like it! Add a great friend or two and it can't get any better!

  15. Just what you do...but, sometimes it's tea. Either way, I love it.

  16. The smell of coffee is the best! Debra, just wishing you the best Mother's day to you!


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