Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not Tonight Dear~


My husband has been away for over two weeks on a Tarpon fishing trip to the Florida keys.
The Airline: Is this Mrs. G?
Me: Who's asking please?
The airline: This is "the airline"
Me: Yes?
The Airline: The flight # 1234 has been canceled, no further information available.
Me: Is everything alright?
The Airline: The flight # 1234 has been canceled, no further information available.
Me: Excuse me???


No panic, these things happen and it's pouring here, so it must be due to the rain in NY or Washington-or somewhere.

Mr. G was suppose to arrive here at home tonight around 8:30. I would likely be in bed reading with the dogs near-by. We would all welcome him back home and be very happy we were once again under the same roof.

~...and more rain~

After a brief phone conversation with Mr. G, it appears that he may be able to get back at some point very late tonight or maybe 'Not Tonight Dear".

The one available flight is over-booked- but I think he may be sweet-talking someone, somewhere. He has early appointments tomorrow- which will be interesting. The moral to this whole post is not to tell you my woes.

Mostly it's because found this fabulous graphic downpour.

It is to suggest that whenever traveling late in the day- perhaps not to schedule appointments of even work the following day. Pad the vacation for one more day.

It's a much more pleasant re-entry from your vacation, gives you some wiggle room in the event of torrential downpours and it makes the dogs a lot happier when they can sleep through the night.

Welcome Home Dear! We really have missed you terribly.


  1. I hope he's home safe and with great photos to show you of the Florida Keyes.

  2. Oh Debra, I felt a little reluctant to visit you today for fear I was intruding into something a smidge 'personal'. Just shows you I definitely need to clean up my dodgy mind! Hope your boy arrives home tonight & I just love your interactive graphic!
    Millie ^_^

  3. How fortunate that I was wearing my wellies and my rain hat.
    It usually does the trick to fend off further downpours and bring on the sun. Enjoy the return of the sun, the moon and the stars.
    Lovely graphics.

  4. Wow that is a cool picture! I hope the rain stops and he makesit home safely.

  5. That is a very cool little picture! We have learned to "pad" the vacation by a day - you are right - it makes it so much easier!! Hoping you and your sweety and have a great day together.

  6. It's always so sad when you are expecting him home and waiting! Hopefully he'll make it home soon!

    Love that graphic!

  7. Such sage advice Debra - my husband would never take it, he cuts everything fine and has appointments within appointments! I love these graphics - fantastic. xv

  8. Sage wisdom there, I need to make sure I pad our vacations too. I hope all is well and not too dreary over there!

  9. Oh that image is amazing! Debra where did you find it?

  10. That image is really stunning. We have had so much rain in south Fl the last couple of weeks. I hope the Keys had some sun. The storms have been extreme! We actually had hail yesterday...imagine ice falling from the sky when the temperature is in the high 80's! Hope he is home and dry.

  11. That is so true! I try to schedule a flight early in the day so as to avoid what you are talking about... LOVE the rainy graphic... hope your husband gets home soon and maybe sometime you could show us your dogs!! xoxo Many hugs too....

  12. I hope by now he is home safe. Curious though, was it Northwest Airlines????
    And the rain graphic...perfection.
    Have a lovely dry, togther again at last weekend.


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