Saturday, May 16, 2009

Moonlit White and {gray} Gardens~

~Moon Garden at Night~

After years of gardening for others, I finally had the time and the know how to plan my own gardens.
One of the first gardens I designed, was a white or moonlit garden.

A moonlit garden consists of annuals, for constant summer blooms, perennials for year to year beauty, and gray foliage.

During the day, these gardens are to me, the most beautiful as I have an affinity for white flowers and gray foliage.

* Impatiens, Nicotiana, Nierembergia, Cosmos, Salvia, Geraniums, Dianthus, Poppies, Cleome, Violas, Lobelia, Morning Glory... the list could go on and on. Choose white varieties and in varying heights.
Gray foliage annuals:

* Dusty Miller, Licorice plant. There are a few nice varieties of Dusty Miller-some with very lacy foliage.

~ Gray Foliage~

*Delphinium, Candytuft, Snow-In-Summer, Creeping Phlox, Lupine, Iris, Lilies, Chrysanthemum, Salvia, Hollyhocks, Lily-of-the-Valley, Feverfew, Daisy, Baby's Breath, Musk Mallow, Pearly Everlasting, ....... on and on!
Gray Foliage perennials:

* Lambs Ears, Silver Mound Artemisia, Common Sage.
Use white flowering bulbs for the first signs of the spring.

* Hyacinth, Allium, Oxalis, Tulips, Ranunculus, Scilla, Freesia, Crocus, Narcissus, Sparaxis.

For height and depth I suggest white hydrangea-"Annabelle'. To add interest to your winter Moonlit garden a couple of dwarf evergreens take on the appearance of snow sculpture.
*Many of the plants and bulbs listed here may be considered "tender" where you live. Some of the annuals will continue flowering longer if you are in a warmer climate.
These are the plants that I have had the most success with in my white garden. My choices were based on a mostly sunny spot where there was some dappled shade from near-by trees. If you have a shady area the plant selections can be easily adjusted with the help of your trusted garden center. There are endless possibilities of glorious white annuals, perennials and beautiful gray foliage plants. If you are planning a new garden, I recommend a white moonlit garden. They are eye-catching during the day, and at night, especially when there is a full moon, a lit candle or a few luminaries - truly magnificent.
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Photos courtesy of Google search.


  1. gal after my own moon lit garden!

  2. Oh Deb, I have been waiting for you to share your wonderful ideas of creating a beautiful garden. I knew you not only danced with a paint brush, but in the garden giving life, bloom, color and peace.

    I hope and dream for a beautiful garden in the photos.

    Hugs... xoox

  3. You paint AND you know how to design a lord, you amaze me! Love hydrangeas, you know that.....have a great weekend Debra, XXX, Carmie.

  4. I agree; a white garden is beautiful, serene and gives a hint of romance. I have several individual pots with white impatients, double white impatients and Dusty Millers. It's nice to see them almost glow in the dark at night. I would love a full white garden, however, I would have to buy the neighbors' property. :)

  5. What beautiful white garden images. Thanks for sharing them. I can imagine how your lovely white garden must look with your lovely white interiors...perfection.

    Tricia - Avolli

  6. This is such a wonderful post Deb...My dream is to have a White&Grey garden one day (my secret garden)...Hope to see more posts on your garden in the future. Lovely weekend!

  7. Absolutely beautiful. Envy! I start with white- and stray to lavender, then pink creeps in- And then retreat again-little bit like war of the roses. Your white and gray inspire me to be more disciplined, thanks. G

  8. Lovely garden topic! So much daylight in the Alaska summer we could rename ours the Midnight Sun Garden!! Many beautiful ideas, thank you Debra!! XOXO

  9. I want a moonlit garden! Just the name alone sounds fantastic and then grey and white? Perfectly lovely.

  10. I adore anything Moonlit and White, and your gardens have earned a bookmark, again, x.


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