Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A long, over-due project~

~A very stylish trash bag~
I'll be searching for these...for my really nice trash!

On Mother's Day, after our guests had left, I continued with the purging of a six-year-build-up of things under our eaves.
That's where I put my old clothes, bags, shoes and in general, anything else that didn't have a home.
I was in one of those ruthless, tossing moods.

I sent eight bags to the Good Will and six bags went into the trash...
{And a few things were saved out for someone special with a flair for re-styling}.

I packed seasonal things in clear containers, and put a wardrobe on wheels in there for winter coats.
I feel as though I could entertain in there now.

It was one of those projects that I had been putting off for 6 years! In the summer it was too warm in there and too cold during the winter months. This was the perfect weekend to accomplish such a task.

Do you have a project weighing heavy? One that will clear the way for you to set forth on new endeavors?


~Mom and Jonathan~

A few of you asked to see the portrait I had done for my husband and son a few years ago.

Jonathan and I were both a bit younger when the photo was taken by a dear friend, outside of her home on a crisp October day.

My mistake, it was done in pastel, not watercolor.

This is a slightly different pose from my entry on Monday, but I love that we are having a little smooch.

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  1. trash to treasures, clearing away and making room is always part of what makes each day feel like a hug and a "smooch"
    I just gave several bags away and have more to conquer, "Rome was not built in a day" but each day I find things to inspire me to make my life more artful.

  2. Wow!!! That is one gorgeous piece of art you have there....pastel, watercolor...doesn't matter, the result is absolutely beautiful.
    If you're going to buy thàt trash bag, you might as well open your window and throw your money out...giggle giggle. Is that one for real??? I refuse to believe it.
    And my heavy weighing project is the move...pfff..help??

  3. pve~ when the clutter in my home is taken care of- it makes a clear path to the drawing table.

    CT~ Very snazzy trash bag, don't you think? If I were close-by, I would work for coffee.

  4. Again, you can really see how happy you both are...what a treasure.
    Speaking of treasure...there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when something is cleaned and organized.

  5. jae~ You are right- it's so freeing!

  6. The painting turned out beautifully! What a treasure. I am really impressed with all you got done! I bet it feels so good to be all organized and sorted out.

  7. Love the portrait of you and Jonathan! Much better with my coffee than the ants of a few days ago....... :) Thanks for sharing it with us.

    I have over the years, bit by bit, done some purging. The next big thing for our home is the June onslaught of family coming to Alaska from all over the world for our son Craig's June 26 wedding to Amy. I have been fretting lately over getting new towels, pillows, etc. And looking at my carpet that needs replacing... and seeing the dust....but somehow it will all come together.

  8. littlebyrd~ It feels great to be organized. It's a beautiful day here- time for a head-clearing walk.

  9. Ina~ Your guests will arrive wanting to share in the celebration- they won't notice a little dust here and there. Enjoy this special time-it goes by so quickly.

  10. Beautiful pastel and your love for each other shining through! I admire your weekend endeavor, and my closet and the gagrage both need the same ruthless clearing out!

  11. Love seeing you and Jonathan so beautiful. I have many projects to do. Trying to make dents to clear the way.

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  13. I love those moods! Get rid of it all! If you haven't used it, worn it, watched it.... toss it! Congratulations; don't you feel a million times lighter?!?! -e

  14. Karena~Those are big porjects- and so worthwhile with the feeling that comes with crossing it off the never-ending list!

    Kwana~ A bit at a time... slow and steading.

    Emily~ I'm going with the "toss it" mode for as long as it lasts...

  15. What a beautiful portrait Debra - so touching. Congrats on the clean up that is very impressive and makes me think that I am long overdue in one here, xv.

  16. First, oh my goodness Deb this portrait is amazing and beautiful. The artist truly captured the love and the laughter you and your son were sharing. I bet this is one of the best gifts you gave to your 2 men.

    Ok now for the cleaning up stuff- I don't like too much clutter so I'm always cleaning and tossing. LOL... Sometimes event things I shouldn't toss. LOL... I do have some painting projects that I'm doing the waltz with and delaying. Hopefully during the summer I will get them finished once and for all. Enjoy! xoxo

  17. Just a gorgeous, gorgeous portrait Debra! The love you have for each positively jumps off the paper. I won't comment on any clean-ups around here, it's a very moot point. I'm working up the courage to post on the progress of the Bathroom From Hell & that will put it all in perspective. 2 weeks without your Darling, how will you manage (not!!!)
    Millie ^_^

  18. I have been enjoying all your lovely posts for Mother's Day! Your mom was such a beauty and those photos and the portrait of you with your son is just wonderful.

    As for a project?? When do I not have a project in the works!! Priority one however, is to straighten my office!!!! Filing, my Lord, the filing!!


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