Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weekend Solitudes~

~Grilled Shrimp, roasted butternut squash, marinated onions and spring lettuce from the farm stand~

When I'm alone I like to make fresh salads with whatever is on hand and maybe something from the local farm stand.

With inspiration from Ronda and Ina I made a couple of delicious salads this weekend. Our local farm stand just re-opened for the season and there was gorgeous young, spring lettuce in abundance. With the days a little longer and the sun just a bit higher, it feels good eating lighter.

~Love in the Time of Cholera~

While it is a rainy weekend here, it's a wonderful excuse to catch up on some things that I put aside during our usual weekends. Like~ watching this movie. Did you see it? Or read the book? I enjoyed it, but was skeptical upon ordering it from Netflix.

It kept me fully engaged and I thought it had a sweet ending, which is always a treat in this day when movies are filled with violence, sadness, gloom and doom.

~Just a wisp of Lily-of-the-Valley~
Time for a quick, wet stroll around the yard to see what's coming up. Although I have a good sized patch of Lily-of-the-Valley, they are just now starting to show their little umbrellas. I couldn't resist cutting a couple of early flowers.

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  1. Oh dear lord, that sounds great! I love salad, I love rainy day, I love to watch a DVD (like you non-violent) or read a good book, I love to have a stroll.
    My dear, I wish for a day like that verrrry soon. Ohh and Thx for the DVD-Tip. XXX, Carmie.

  2. Looks like you live in "valley-of-the-dolls" from here.
    Nice to slow the pace down and enjoy your time with nice treats.

  3. CT~ I hope you can see your way clear of boxes and packing tape to slow down and watch a good movie.

    pve~ It's pretty nice, slowing down the usual crazy pace-even for a little while. Today I paint.

  4. Lovely post and a special thank you for the mention!

  5. ALL THE BEST~ So glad you stopped by. I'm off to gather in some old design reads.

  6. Bravo... Deb I truly love how you made a wonderful salad fit for a queen! Years ago before I got married living alone I would make a meal, and sit the table as if I was having a guest over and it was all for me. What a wonderful way to end the evening with a great movie. What are your plans for this week while your love is away? Enjoy my dear friend! xoxo

  7. I love your white pottery with the flowers! Your weekend sounds just perfect. Whenever I am on my own for dinner it usually just ends up a bowl of cereal ;)

  8. Dear Debra it was fun having a salad with you. Loved those buttnernut squash chunks!! DIVINE! Our Farmer's Markets are open and with the steady daylight the produce is coming along quickly. I saw LITOC and enjoyed it as well. Your weekend sounded very cozy... Many hugs and thanks for the mention! xoxo

  9. Joyce~ I love setting a nice table- just for me! Light the candle, pour a little wine and I'm sometimes my own best company!

    Littlebyrd~ Hey cereal can be a perfectly fabulous dinner. I do that too! Always in a white bowl!

    Ina~ The butternut squash and also roasted sweet potatoes are delicious on a salad. Tonight I'm watching the original South Pacific!

  10. I love salads that are thrown together like that.. I call them Kitchen Sink Salads because I just throw whatever I've got in there... I love that you set a nice table even when it's just you.

  11. What a beautiful salad and a great way to treat yourself. I really want to see that movie. It's now on my list. Thanks!

  12. Kotori~ I love your name for those salads. Make sense-I toss everything in!

  13. It is that time for the spring and summer salads to come out. There are so many delicious ones. I have a Greek Salad and Shrimp with Melon that I will post soon!

  14. What a very sweet post. It seems like you had a quiet and peaceful day. I see you as a quiet and peaceful person anyway. It's in your writing.

  15. Hello Debra and thank you for your nice comment! I love salads too especially during Spring and Summer and yours..looks delicious!!! I've seen the movie at the cinema and I just love it! Nice photography and stunning places!
    A big ciao!!!

  16. How scrumptious and rejuvenating and delightful! I love all this inspiration :)

  17. Debra, your salad looks absolutely scrumptious! AND beautiful!


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