Friday, May 1, 2009

A little R and R~

~Lots of beach strolling~

Several times a year, I go to the south shore of Massachusetts with some friends. It's a quiet retreat, where we each go our separates ways and then reconnect for dinner in the evenings. I'm hoping for lots of beach walking, reading and catching up on some sketching and sleep.

I hope by the time I return that we will some good news to report on little Jack.

Getting away by yourself is much like the time spent on a long walk. It allows us the much needed time to think things through, to reconnect with your beautiful surroundings, and to re-energize the battery. While I'm away on these little get-aways I love to collect pure white stones on the beach, lie down with a book in front of an open window, a quilt wrapped around me. It's important to give ourselves permission for a little Rest and Relaxation every once in a while.

What helps you relax and re-energize your battery.

I hope you have a delicious weekend and that you can have a little rest and relaxation.


  1. I have many techniques to help me relax and/or re-energize. Many are similiar to yours. Mmmm, the south shore of MA. Might that be close to a small village called Padanaram or Nonquitt? Nonquitt is where I go to listen to the ocean, watch the small boats sail by, read alot of books, ride a bike and watch the world go by. I generally downshift into first gear when I am there. I call it living in Mayberry. No one locks their doors, and you can hear the sound of the back screen porch door close. How I love that sound!

    I hope you enjoy your time away. My thoughts and prayers are for your little Jack.

  2. Sounds just what you need dear Debra. Hope your gentle soul gets all the TLC it needs.
    Millie ^_^

  3. My dear friend have a wonderful weekend to sleep in you want, A peaceful walk on the beach picking beach glass, nap a bit, read, sketch, simply enjoy the beauty and gather with friends laughing maybe a tear or two, great girfriend bonding. This is sounding good, do you have room in your suitcase?

    When I woke up this morning little Jack was in my prayers.

    Have a golden weekend, embrace and enjoy! xoxo

  4. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your R&R.
    THNX for the sweet en encouraging words.

  5. That sounds like the perfect combination of alone time and togetherness. May it be everything you need and more.

  6. Sounds lovely Debra!!!
    Love the photo...the horizon tells us the worls is definitely not flat... Hope you have a magical weekend & Jack is doing well too!

  7. When we allow time and space into our hearts, we are only making room for more. I am thinking positive thoughts - sending them your way. Enjoy your time away.

  8. Have a wonderful weekend Debra, this is a very good thing to do right now, a great way to re-energize and relax. And I'm also sending positive thoughts your way. Enjoy! XX, Carmie.

  9. Enjoy every moment, Debra. I am off to the nursery this weekend to scope out the hydrangeas!! Still hoping the best for little Jack. xoxo

  10. Painting, walking, reading finding inspiration in the setting sun,etc.

  11. I have spent the day lying around like an old spaniel listening to the rain fall on the roses. But now, I have to get prettified to go to a Derby party.

    I often escape to a favourite inn at the seaside, by myself. They take quite good care of me there. Even the drive down is relaxing...I feel my shoulders start to soften when I hit the highway.

  12. A long walk by the beach, most definitely, or just sitting on the porch gazing over the ocean inlet, feeling the breeze and appreciate.

  13. That sounds like a fabulous weekend... hope you are enjoying some relaxing time for yourself... Hope to hear some good news for you soon.

  14. Your beach getaway sounds heavenly!

  15. I'm just catching up with you (from my vacation, in fact) and am so sorry to hear about baby jack!! I hope he's doing better and will be thinking of you all and pulling for the little man.

    I just relaxed and re-energized my batteries. And it all washed away the second I walked in my office door yesterday. ;-) But it was real good while it lasted...


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