Thursday, May 7, 2009

A little help here...

~Tiny Ants~

Last week this is what I found on my counter near the coffee station in our kitchen!!!
I got a bit anxious about these little critters.

I proceeded to take everything out of the cupboards, washing each item and sprayed.
Anything that was in a box was checked out and put into a zip-lock bag.
Ants...gone! Great! Success!

I remember many years ago my Grandmother telling me ants were attracted to a dirty home!!! "WHAT"???
I am a little particular about my home- it isn't spotless, but there is just my husband and myself and I like things pretty tidy, clean and organized.
This afternoon upon my return from errands there were four in the same spot as last week...
I killed them and returned moments later to find that a few more had come to attend the funeral... later- a few more!!!

I have spoken with a few nearby friends that are having the same visitors this spring.
This is making me crazy!
A little help here- please!

Any suggestions?


  1. Just poor a litle bit of honey in a small bowl and put it in your cupboard, the ants go for the sweets, get stuck and die a sweet happy dead.

  2. I really don't know how to help you. I can remember my grandma putting copper coins in her cupboards....and I have to say, I've never seen one ant in her kitchen, so maybe there is something to it?!!

  3. eeeek! we had an ant brigade last spring, well only a few to be exact, but my husband, "the terminator" was on lock down and had somehow eradicated the problem. he called it an "infestation" --
    I think they are telling you to draw a kitchen lifescape!
    (or perhaps it is your Grandmother giving you a little fire!)

  4. Debra, you are not alone. I have been seeing these little visitors in our home too!! Yesterday I was showing the condo to hopefully renters, when a HUGE black ant decided to put his/her input into the conversation. I was so....
    BTW I don't think the ant will keep them away, they called already this morning wanting to drop the application off. LOL... Fingers cross...

    I'm going to put the coins in the cabinet as mentioned, but if you hear of anything please share. Many hugs my friend! xoxo

  5. Ok - what I have heard is that they leave a scent trail into the home for other ants in their pack to know where to go. Do you know where they are coming in? Maybe you could do a wash down outside somewhere. We had ants and luckily around the same time we were having out house painted - their ant path smell got painted over and we haven't seen them since (fingers crossed!)

  6. Debra, what an annoying problem and I have nothing to add other than to try what the commenters have suggested. Many great ideas!! Good luck, dear. ( I loved your Grandmother's motto)

  7. PS The ant picture went well with my morning coffee! :)

  8. THANK YOU ALL. I went to the local hardware store this morning and had the most delightful chat with Chet about the huge ant problem in town. He told me to get TERRO. It's a clear liquid, you put a dab on a small piece of cardboard, place in all of the areas you have seen the little darlings, the ants take it back to the little ant village and it works like ant genocide(sorry)to the whole ant village It goes right to the source. I'll let you know. Naturally I have seen no ants this morning!!!

  9. I have no better tips than you have already discovered, and have a few ants myself, so I appreciate the Terro recommendation. Thank you!


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