Friday, May 29, 2009

Rain and Deadlines...

~So much rain~

Just a little update:

It has been raining much of this week. I think we've had enough!
Mr. G arrived home safe and sound early Thursday morning.

Thank you for your kind comments.

For those of you that asked the 'downpour' graphic and where it came came from a google search.

You see, I am working on an illustration that was due late next week. After a frantic phone call from the client, it was announced that the party was this weekend not next weekend.
See what can happen when the computer is substituted for the hand-written note???
So, I'm off to complete a job. I sometimes do my best work under this sort of pressure!
Do you sometimes work better and more efficiently under a little pressure?


  1. i definitely work much better under pressure. which drives my husband crazy. glad i´m not the only one. happy weekend debra!:)

  2. Oh yes, which is unfortunate though because I will procrastinate in some areas of my life!
    It is sunny and beautiful in KC today

  3. I work better under pressure but pull my hair out in result...job gets done but I'm bald!

  4. Deb I'm glad the love of your life is home safe and sound.

    I too work better under pressure or is it the multi tasking I enjoy. Hmmm... either way I like the challenge. I have one more week of the excitment. I'm more of a planner and like to get as much done as possible before hand.

    Have a golden weekend! xoxo

  5. I do not do particularly well under pressure, especially in the law practice environment. I have to step back, go out and get a latte, take a deep breath and jump back in!

    Sorry about your rain. We have had spectacular sunny weather here but it has been rainy for the past 3 days. Welcome rain. Everything is thriving.

    Did Mr. G catch lots of fish???

  6. We are the same, I'm also a pressure worker. And really nice image you got there.

  7. Just last week, I had a schedule mishap and I too blame it on the computer! Nothing like an engraved invite or a handwritten not for clarity. That said, nothing like a little pressure to light my fire.
    Good luck getting it all done!

  8. the "blog world" thrills my soul! i even met a new "best friend" (via my blog) while studying abroad this past semester in Rome. Your work is beautiful, more artistic inspiration!! blessings! julie :-)

  9. Yes, a little pressure helps me to buckle down and finish something for sure. Glad your husband is back safely - have a wonderful wknd, Debra!

  10. Oh yes, pressure can a very good thing sometimes! Wishing you some sunny skies for the weekend :)


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