Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sidewalk Cafe in Lucca

~Sidewalk Cafe in Lucca~

This is a small section of a Lifescape that I illustrated for a friend after we spent 12 days in Italy. I call it- The Adventure of a Lifetime!

What could be any better than spending 12 glorious days in Florence and Lucca with worlds best travel mate?

A huge Thank-You to a special someone for uploading images of this painting so I can share it with you. I am technically challenged... and she is technically savvy- no, she is just plain savvy all the way around.

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  1. Oh Deb, this is beautiful and colorful. I can hear the music and the laughter. I love the title too. My dear friend I don't think you give yourself enough credit in the techy part.

    Many hugs... xoxo
    PS How is Jack?

  2. Oooh wow! This makes me happy, love the colours and the story behind it. And yes, how's Jack??n XXX, Carmie.

  3. So lovely Deb & enjoyed the story! Everyone is concerned over Jack's condition...Hope he's better! XO*

  4. Surely the planet would be lonely if we did not travel and meet and share life with one another. We must plan a trip to one of these lovely locales and scan the trip away!!
    You will learn to scan and never look back.
    Glad to share and be of some help. :)
    Your artwork is so full of love and cheer.

  5. Thanks for capture the adventure well!

  6. Vaa...vaaa.vooom??? You keep surprising me Debra!!! You're hilarious....XXX, C.

  7. It is so wonderful! I want to go to Italy right now - today! How great to have a friend that is tech savvy ~ I need one of those as I have my own share of troubles with it ;)

  8. How beautiful... I love the colors and the fact that it has such a special meaning attached to it. Beautiful.

  9. Lovely Lucca Lifescape! Got me in the mood for some pasta......... xoxo

  10. Oh Florence. I went there a few times, and just adored it.

  11. Congrats on your century. I have had a lovely time browsing your blog. I look forward to your thousandth post!


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