Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Good Life~

~Another view of a Lifescape~

When I illustrate from memory, I can almost smell my surroundings of a place I have visited. Right around the corner from this hotel in Lucca is a gorgeous cafe~ see it here.

Just as you round the corner, you can smell the strong coffee brewing. Men and women stop in for a quick jolt of espresso or a cappuccino,.They stand at the polished brass bar, quickly downing their coffee before heading out to work or to the market.

It costs a bit more to sit at one of the beautiful marble tables, but we Americans don't stand with our coffee. We sit, take a little more time, watch people and if that means spending a bit more on a fine cup of coffee, it's fine.

Those Italians though, they know how to live. They generally start work a little later than we do, and they close up shop at 1 p.m. and then re-open at 3:30 until 6:00 or 8:00, depending on the time of year. During this afternoon break a mid-day meal is served with the whole family in attendance. What could be any better than that? I love the laid back way of life that I see in Italy. Home, family, good food, rest, relaxation, art, beauty~strong coffee, a good mid-day meal and perhaps an afternoon nap.

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  1. I always have admired other cultures and often found them to be a source of inspiration as well as intrigue. Just yesterday, I treated myself to a fine cappuccino which I consider a "luxury" and it gave me such solace to see the people out, enjoying the fine morning.
    I love your drawings and they way they instantly jolt us to a time a place of fond memories.

  2. I can smell the coffee and vision the view right along with you my friend. Wouldn't it be nice to have some of the european ways, enjoying life with a little more leisure. Ahh... Thank you for the moment.
    Enjoy and have a golden one! xoxo

  3. My sister's husband is from Calabria, Italy and he is the sweetest man!! It is a real treat to be at their house when his family visits from Italy...., there is much fun, food, wine, cappucino, .... very loving people who know how to relax and have a great time. Also very generous and gracious! xoxo

  4. I often wonder if we'll ever be able to relax and enjoy the day here in America? I know that so much of the day is about getting to the end so you can go home and work on stuff at home. Where do we stop, where to we relax? That's for the weekends. But, really, who are we kidding. How often do we really relax on the weekends.

    *Sighs* It's something to aim for :)

    Beautiful illustration!

  5. What a beautiful illustration. Thank you for taking me on a mental journey...I could almost feel myself sitting at a street side cafe having coffee, feeling the breeze and watching the people. I've not had the pleasure of going to Italy yet but have been to several other European countries and I always want to bring that specific experience home with me.

    Tricia - Avolli

  6. Ah Italy! Yes, a great way of life.

  7. Beautiful drawing! Many other cultures have the philosophy that life comes first, then work. I believe in that too. As they say, you aren't going to take your work with you, but you will take your memories.

  8. Oh I can smell that coffee wafting through my computer screen Debra! Yes, the Italians have got it nailed haven't they - a true & blissful life balance. Just love your illustration!
    Millie ^_^

  9. Oooh my!! It seems to me as if you were in Lucca writing this post. So accurate!!! And the drawing is just lovely, beautiful...Sweetie, I really think you need to come to Italy, find yourself a second home and visit this country (and me -lol-) more often. You're so in love with it, but I don't blame you...who wouldn't ( I think)...XXX, Carmela.

  10. Perfection Debra - I love the illustration, xv.


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