Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tarpon Fishing in the Keys~

~Tarpon Fishing off the Florida Keys~

My husband is in Florida for two weeks of Tarpon fishing with his very best bud.

He will return well rested, deliriously happy, ready to get back to work before the next fishing trip and with lots of color in his cheeks.

*I hope that your days are sunny, warm, with just a whisper of a breeze, that you catch...and release, and that you wear your sunscreen.*


  1. I read something recently, in regard to the success of a relationship and it pointed out how valuable honoring time away from one another was.
    I enjoy my time alone, and getting away too and then coming home to those you love.

  2. pve~ Having respect for for personal time is key to our relationship. The homecoming is welcomed and sweet.

  3. I heard somethng very similiar to what Patricia heard. Also, many moons ago while attending pre cana- I remember hearing 'the best way to love your children is to love one another". Enjoy the moment. xoxo

  4. Hear-Hear Joyce-you are spot-on with that! Always striving to set a good example.

  5. I know your husband will have a grand time!! And if he and his friend ever feel like fishing in the great Pacific Northwest, out of Seward, Alaska some day, let me know..... :) The fish are fabulous and so are the wildlife views. Last June when I was out on my son's fishing boat we saw puffins, eagles, sea lions, otters and 2 whales!!! It was an amazing day!!!! Have a restful day!!

  6. Ina~ Got your email and I know J. would love that- I'll be sure he sees it when he returns.

  7. Aaah one of life's most important rituals - Secret Men's Business! Does them a power of good!
    Millie ^_^

  8. Everyone needs time to get away from the familiar places and people to unwind and do what he enjoys...

    And yes... they go back a better person.

  9. Hi, I'm from Indonesia. Most of the time, it's sunny here. Yet, it's about to rain now. I guess I can use your nic wish.


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