Thursday, November 5, 2009

Aunt Lucy~

My sister and I took our elderly aunt out to dinner tonight. It was a truly wonderful night spent reminiscing of days gone by.
This dear woman drives herself to dialysis three days a week and did I mention that she is 86 years young. She has the skin of a six-year-old and still cooks wonderful meals and bakes daily. Just tonight she sent us both home with a dozen yeast roll......

We had a fabulous time catching up on family members, gossiping about the goings-on-about-town and remembering special occasions of days gone by.

Do you have someone special that you connect with~ a relative, old friend or someone from your past that makes you laugh and smile?
And... occasionally bring tears to your eyes?
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  1. May I borrow your Aunt Lucy? She sounds amazing. I love "Aunts" like that. I must say that my sister in law is like this, always full of energy and always sharing with those around her so generously.
    Funny - I hope that when I am 86, I can be an Aunt like that too.

  2. I hope to be as energetic as your lovely Aunt Lucy at her age. I want people to see that getting older is not so bad. And a twinkle in the eye can be fun. Bless Aunt Lucy!! :)

  3. I want to borrow Aunt Lucy too! I IM with my best friend in Utah almost everyday, without her and those few minutes of laughter online my world would not be the same.

  4. Love your Aunt Lucy she reminds me of my Nana. Wouldn't trade her for the world!

  5. Aunt Lucy is amazing! Driving herself to dialysis 3X per week..... the first thing that came to my mind when I read your post (over coffee) was my late Aunt Bette, who died in 2006 at the age of 60-something from lung cancer (lifetime smoker). She was very glamorous and fun loving and youthful. Always had bling on, drove a Cadillac, stylish to the max. She, my mom and I would rendesvous every year for a 3-day meetup at Harrah's in Las Vegas. I always looked forward to seeing her and spending time with her. I miss her all the time. Life is just not the same without her. We begged her for years to quit smoking. Thanks for the memory. Cherish your Aunt! xoxoxo

  6. Your Aunt Lucy sounds like she fits her name to a "T" full of life and joy.

    I have a neighbor down the street from me that I like to visit and check in on. She is almost 91 has 2 pups and a long killer of a driveway and walks this driveway in heels! xo

  7. Your aunt sounds so sweet! My grandma is like that - I just don't get to see her often enough. XO

  8. Aunt Lucy sounds fabulous! Nothing makes my heart sing happier tunes than to be in the company of an older person who LIVES life fully! Such wisdom and joy they share...


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