Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Holidays~

~You'd better not pout...

I am amazed at the number of holiday advertisements on t.v., the radio and in magazines. I guess it makes perfect sense. With the economy what it is- I think everyone is jump-starting the holidays. Last Friday evening just before I left for the south shore, we joined friends for dinner. As we were driving through town, I noticed a lit Christmas tree in the front room of a home just a few streets away! Yikes... that's early. Didn't we just have Halloween? Wasn't Thanksgiving almost two weeks away at that point?
Maybe they were celebrating early~ maybe a family member was being deployed, maybe just maybe this family decided to light their Christmas tree and just enjoy the season.

We have, for several years chosen a table-top Christmas tree. It's just easier with Grandblessings around for the holidays. Who wants to spend time saying..."don't touch" and "be careful". The tree will go up and the wreaths will be hung on all of the windows come the weekend after Thanksgiving. It's better to get it done before the snow arrives.
We are getting ready- it's a wonderfully festive time of year. Nightly the fire is lit, the scent of balsam is all around the house and the candles are lit. Let's just give into the holidays. They are coming quickly and they conjure up all sorts of warm feelings.
Soon enough it will be January and our sweet holiday season will be but a distant, lovely memory.

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  1. Same here Debra - we are being bombarded with all things Christmasie by the Retailers. I decided to work right up to Dec. 24th this year & then go on vacation. I'm now wondering what was I thinking & what drugs I was on when I filled in that Leave Request form!!! Thank you sweet girl for your lovely message, I had a grumpy day today, lots of discomfort & frustration, so your gorgeous words were perfect.
    Millie ^_^

  2. We were just talking about this yesterday and how seeing holiday things too early brings out one's inner dickens! Love those steps with winning words.

  3. I'm with you Deb how the holidays get all crunched together. I'll just enjoy my turkey sitting on a jack o lanter wearing a santa's hat as you said soon January will be here and all will be a memory.
    I saved the image of the stairs from last year-because I fell in love with the image and wording.
    Hugs my friend. xo

  4. I admit I have started my shopping before Thanksgiving. It's easier and there are less crowes, which I don't do well in. I'd rather be home playing music, lighting candles and baking.

  5. We have noticed the early Christmas too. Way too early. In our downstairs family room is a white lighted Christmas tree which is there 24/7/365 I don't know how that started, but it is what it is. Our kids do a sibling gift exchange and we do a service project for Christmas. The gift thing has just gotten way out of control, shopping for a one-moment gift is not for me any more. The gifts are forgotten or they are not quite right or whatnot. Everyone has or can get what they want anyway. I agree with Purple Flowers, I do enjoy baking treats for the neighbors and I have some great dog cookie recipes too. xoxo

  6. I think it is way early. I'd like to slow down a bit and enjoy instead of rush please.

  7. Love this post! I am totally ready for holiday celebrations - bring it on!

  8. I agree with Kwana, I want to experience each holiday one at a time I have not even thought of Christmas shopping. Oh those stairs are wonderful!!

  9. I am sure your home is the coziest at Christmas, Debra. Your grandchildren are lucky to have such a fantastic grandmother.

  10. Such a marvelous time of year. So important to take the time to experience the joy.

    Love those stairs!


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