Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Giving Thanks~

I love Thanksgiving. I think it's such a special holiday. Certainly it is the prelude to the holiday season. But it's nice when the whole family can gather, join in on the preparation for the special feast, listen to good music and just enjoy a long, leisurely meal together.
This year I asked to be dismissed from preparing Thanksgiving dinner. I had no alternate plan-I just felt like taking a break. Lucky for us, my former Mother-in-law, who we all adore has invited us to her table...along with about 24 other guests.
The whole family and extended family will be together. No one will be left out and it will be a first.
I'm already planning the dishes I will bring to the table. We are looking forward to this more than I can say. What could be any better than one complete family sharing in this special day?
Are any of you looking at the calendar and feeling those first twinges of anxiousness?
I am looking ahead at creating our holiday card, shopping, a few painting commissions to complete
and plenty of cooking. I think the best way to handle it is starting with a list of all that you need to accomplish.
Set forth each day and start pecking away, one thing at a time.
I will put a halt to some projects three weeks prior to Christmas and plan to enjoy those days leading up to Christmas Eve.
But for now~ I want to look forward to Thanksgiving. The poor holiday that is somehow overlooked with the rush to Christmas.
I'd love to hear about your Thanksgiving Day plans.
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~Remember the men and women that have served our country.~
Veteran's Day 2009


  1. We have a very small group of family (and sometimes a friend or two) at Thanksgiving dinner. It's real cozy, and I like it that way. Allen and I cook, and my Mother insists on coming early to help peel potatoes etc. She's 88 and I feel I owe her many Thanksgiving dinners for all the ones she has made for us over the many years. Music plays, candles flicker and before dinner begins, we all hold hands while seated around the table and say how great it is to be together. We also (as we begin to eat) take turns as to what we have been thankful for this year. This is a beautiful moment for me. I love it. We laugh, we tear up, we smile -it's very sentimental, and joyful.

  2. Since there is not Thanksgiving here and my hubby has work and daughter has school. We are planning on possibly going to Heidelberg Germany for the weekend. I think we well it's better to just get away rather than do it different or not at all. 40 days until I'm home in the states for Xmas I'm looking for to that.

  3. I am a list girl. I like to check things off and have the immediately sense of accomplishment for me.

    This year will be different for us. We will be in Florida this year, while my mom and nephew will be staying with our Kelly girl.

    Have a golden day! xoxo

  4. This year we are going to share Thanksgiving with friends at their home. It is one of my favorite days - and I look forward to it each year- even if it is at my home. I think it marks the beginning of the holidays and giving thanks. I am a list gal too and I am trying to do one task at a time.

  5. My parents Dod love them, still insist on Thanksgiving at their home. Of course we all bring the favorite side dishes. As the oldest of eight you can imagine the crowd when we gather!

  6. Your day sounds like it will be wonderful! Our small family will be going to my husbands sisters house - there are just a few of us here in town. I haven't even thought about Christmas beyond what I will get for OLiver. I do need to make a list like you suggested. Enjoy your Thanksgiving (good for you for asking for the day off from it this year!!)

  7. Love that your family is joining your former mother-in-law's table. That will be fun! In my Jersey family we have also kept nice ties with the ex's. Life is too short!

    We are expecting a small group at my house, my great friend Elizabeth's husband will be out of town on business so she will join us, as well as one of our single friends. I will make the bird, stuffing and sweet potatos, the others will round out the meal. Later, Ron and I will head over to Niki & Jimmy's for dessert with them and the little ones. Looking forward to the day. One other thing we like to do is take the big walk after dinner, weather permitting. xoxo

  8. This is the first year that we have decided to begin our own family traditions. Normally, we do the 'family circuit' of traveling from home to home on the East Coast. It is exhuasting! So I am beyond thrilled to prepare our Thanksgiving dinner and invite all the friends who do not have places to go or family nearby to join us. We will begin the morning with a beautiful hike along the coast. And Christmas is going to be the same - no traveling! Now that we have our little crumb, it is all about making new traditions together. This will be the first year I have ever put up a Christmas tree of our own - wow! I can't wait! The LIST is very I best get started!


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