Saturday, November 7, 2009

Crazy Sexy Cancer~

~Crazy Sexy Cancer~

Strange, this movie/documentary just arrived from Netflix. I had seen part of it on t.v. a few weeks ago- but fell asleep and didn't see the end. I ordered it and the timing...Oh the timing.

Last night I received an email from the husband of a long-time friend. Her daughter was my flower girl many, many years ago when I married my first husband. She is now a physician with a young family of her own. She is also a very devoted daughter.

My dear friend was just diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. She underwent surgery last week and they have since discovered the the origin of the tumor was in her right lung- stage 4.

Yes... many, many years ago she smoked. She gave it up so many years ago that this seems incredibly unfair. I know that people are diagnosed with lung cancer every day and they may have never smoked a cigarette.

I know what this means.

I am devastated and sad.

I don't like bringing negativity or sadness to my blog- but at the same time, I feel such a closeness with some of you very dear and kind friends. I don't want to paint a happy, happy, joy, joy picture either. I feel helpless.



  1. Debra: Friends share feelings. Please don't censor yourself. We're here for you. I'm so very sorry about your friend.

  2. I'm so sad to hear about your dear friend. Please don't hold back you have many people here who care about you and yours. Some days are just gray can't all be filled with sunshine. My thoughts are with you and your friend and family.

  3. Debra,
    A dear friend had the same - brain tumor, surgery, stage 4 and she is an amazing person, working, living, and that was 4 years ago, maybe even 5 years ago now. She swam across the Hudson River, she walks, she is just an inspiration all around. I can give you her contact info.

  4. i am stretching my hand out to you for you to hold and squeeze tight at any time of day or night ...
    saying prayers for your dear friend...
    and for you and your heavy heart ...
    prairiegirl xo

  5. Debra, you, your friend, and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Dear Debra, I agree with all the commenters above, gather together and draw strength from us, we are here for you and send healing wishes to your dear friend. That is so unfair. xoxoxo

  7. Debra I am saddened for your dear friend, her family & you. Cancer has struck our family twice now & this time it's my mother. She was diagnosed w/Lung CA 16 mos. ago & given 6 mos. to live. My mother never picked up a cigarette nor lived with anyone that had smoked. So I understand about the diagnosis being so unfair. My mother is fortunate to have lived longer than expected but she was told she likely won't make it to Christmas. I am now struggling with the decision as to when to go back home to say good-bye. I just can't seem to buy the ticket. If I go it's like it's really true, she is leaving us.
    What is incredibly heart wrenching is a golf team mate of my youngest daughter has battled cancer since he was 12. We were notified on Thursday that this dear young man is to not live past this weekend. He is 16 & a Jr. in High school. Once I heard that, my problems seemed so small. Hugs to you Debra. I will you & your friend in my prayers. xx

  8. Dearest Debra,
    It is so heartbreaking to receive news of tragic depths that a friend or loved one must be suffering. I am so sorry for you, her, and everyone else who loves her. Life is too short, and it is unfair to suffer with pain. My hope is there is a bright light and wish she finds comfort and strength from those who love her so very much. Never hide your's okay to be sad. Many hugs and prayers being sent your way....

  9. I'm so sorry about your friend. It is hard to understand why things happen - so many things are unfair. And, it is hard to carry on, not knowing the answers.

  10. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Such tragic news and such an evil, wretched disease. I shall pray that you and your friend will find strength and peace from your friendship during this time. God Bless.

  11. ....I'm so sorry I haven't seen this post before. I'm so sorry about your friend. At those moments, when the news hits, time stands still. One just want time to stand still, rewind it and start over again, but with another outcome. Those seconds seem forever,but nothing changes. Back to reality....all we - as strangers, friends - can do is give her the thoughts, prayers and positiveness to guide her through this and that she will remain standing and will continue to be the mother, wife, daughter and friend for a very long time to come. I'm giving her my love, prayers and positive energy and for all the ones around her, XXX. Carmie.

  12. Deb sending you many hugs. I'm sorry to hear about your dear friend. It is tough seeing our love ones going through so much pain. Sending you many hugs... xoxo


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