Monday, November 30, 2009

Time to hang your wreaths~

My favorite Maine wreath.
What sort of wreaths do you fancy for the holidays? Perhaps something totally glammed-up like this peacock feather wreath?

I will be hanging very traditional full-tipped balsam wreaths on my windows and doors. Very plain, maybe a few fresh Winter Berries and a deep red bow.

{Watch the little slide-show here}

This is a pretty standard balsam wreath. The pinecones add a nice Maine touch, but I do like the look of the fuller balsam.

Found-objects adorn this pretty wreath.
So tell me~ what sort of wreath will you be hanging this year? Do you buy your wreaths, or do you make them?

Maine Wreath


  1. We hang large balsam wreathes out front - which always make me smile. What a pretty collection of smiles here.

  2. We hang a balsam wreath on our trellis outside in the garden. It has a red plaid bow. On our front door, we have a orange/red berry wreath that's abit difficult to describe. I will probably post it when we put it up next weekend.

  3. very enjoyable slide show. I should hang one but do not hang a wreath .... but if I did, my favorite would be like the one with the found objects on it!

  4. Considering we are a bit modern in our taste, a square wreath of magnolia leaves will be hanging on our front deck!

  5. I recently blogged about mine, a wreath made of Santa Cruz oregano (it's lilac colored and smells DIVINE)...


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