Friday, November 20, 2009

Pet~House Sitting

On Thursday I left for a weekend of cat-rabbit-dog-house-sitting.

Friends of ours are in Italy for two weeks and I offered to take a turn at caring for the household pets.

There will be plenty of time to catch up on a few crocheting projects, some reading and a movie or two by the fire. I will also start my mega-list of things to accomplish for the upcoming holidays.

The dog is an adorable little Scottie. She has been blind in one eye since she was just a few weeks old. I know she will be the perfect weekend companion, curled up with me the whole time.

The cat is very independent and I'll probably only see her at mealtime and when I shake the treat box.

The rabbit... well I have no idea what to expect. She has a really nice home, all padded and warm. She lives out in the heated garage. I'll probably take her out and let her run around the confined space.

This family has lived all over the world and has a pretty amazing art and wine collection. I will take a few photos of sections of some of my favorite pieces. It gets tricky when photographing private spaces and that urge to blog about something fabulous.

I am definitely respectful of other's privacy.


If anyone knows of any fun rabbit games, I'll check back later.


Cat and Rabbit-google search

Scottie-My file


  1. You are a good friend. Now who is holding down your fort and your animal menagerie? Enjoy all the reindeer games, oops, I meant rabbit!

  2. You are very kind to help out your friends. Have fun and enjoy your weekend!

  3. Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend. What cute pets, I love Scottie dogs! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. This will be the perfect weekend to enjoy with me, myself and I, right before all the businesses of the holidays. I don't know any rabbit games, but maybe giving an extra carrot or two would be enjoyed.

    Pssst... I have a feeling your friends know they have a gem of a friend. I feel the same way.

    Have a golden weekend. xo

  5. That is sweet of you. I hope they had a cake waiting for you. Being more of a cat person, I'm curious about the feline ward most. As for the rabbit .... awww.

    P.S. I have something for you on mine ;)

  6. How kind and generous of you! It sounds like a glorious house and the Scottie sounds so sweet. Enjoy, relax, have a glass of wine.... perfect!!! I did not know bunnies can play! I just think of them twitching their noses and looking all floppy and adorable!! xoxoxo

  7. What a delightful gang.. My daughter would be in heaven in their
    company. Enjoy their pleasant ways...
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. I had Scotties for years!! Now my Himalayan Miss Belle and my granddaughter Isabella are my true companions!

  9. I hope you have fun with your little friends.

  10. Sounds like lovely time to get things done! I'm dreaming & wishing for a few days to myself to get organized for Christmas. Your friends are lucky to have someone like you!


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