Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Felted Flowers

Snazzy Bag-

~Felted Baby Booties~

I have been trying my hand at felting. I love the softness of it. Remember when boiled wool jackets were all the rage? Felting reminds me of those, only a closer, softer effect.

Right now I am experimenting with different wools, temperatures and coming up with the look that is most pleasing to me.

Have you ever felted a piece of wool, something you've knitted or crocheted?

Any helpful hints?
Here is an easy tutorial on felting if you want to give it a try. I recently read - 'caution- once you try felting, you won't want to stop"!

Flickr {Booties and Flowers}
Snazzy Bag-


  1. I have done felting and the water temp. is key as well as the yarn.
    There are yarns better for felting. I love the look of it and one of my knitting buddies, made bags years ago. I will ask her for the secret recipe for you for felting.

  2. I don't know much about it other than I love the way it feels - so comforting.

  3. Thanks Deb for the recipe of felting! I have been thinking about giving this a try after the holidays. I LOVE the tote in the first photo. Very nice. xoxo

  4. Me again. I listed the artist and his studio under the squarbles photo. I have never met him personally, but when I was in a dilemma a couple of years ago, for a gift he was so helpful! I have ordered his squarbles years ago for friends and had to get a couple for myself. Isn't his glass beautifu? xo

  5. I felted a purse okay I almost felted a purse..not the best knitter. My specialty is scarves..but trying to pick it up again. I love the end result actually buy a lot of felted things.

  6. I just wish I was a calmer person so I could sit still and do ANYTHING for 30 minutes or more.... such a type A... my mother and sister, on the other hand, are very crafty and talented knitters. Love the felt items, especially the adorable handbag! xoxoxo


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