Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Leftovers...

~Leftover Halloween Treats~

Is your household suffering from sugar over-load? What do you do once you've gone over all of the Halloween candy checking for quality and your children have clearly had enough?
Here are some great suggestions.

I certainly treated myself to a few Butterfingers last night. But with only a handful of ghosts ringing our bell, I am left with...well leftovers.
I like the idea of melting mini chocolate bars for sauces later...much later!

On one blog {I cannot remember which one, so if it was yours-please let me know so I can give credit where good credit is due}- Mom would buy the candy from her children and send it to the office with Dad- genius!



  1. good question. I think there should be a candy drop.
    Am I the only one?

  2. Oh heck, we just finish off the candy since I only buy what I myself would enjoy (Mounds, Kit Kats, Reeses PB Cups). Each year the numbers have dwindled considerably. I buy less candy and we always have just the right amount left over. So we just enjoy it, without guilt.

  3. Send it to me especially the candy corn!!

  4. We always send the leftovers to my husband's work...

  5. With Gary working from home and me leaving our home to go to another there is no work place to take our leftovers to, so I dropped ours (a small bowl left) off this year at the hair salon I go to in town. Sometimes I even take the candy to the local nursing home. xoxo


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