Thursday, August 20, 2009

Are You Kidding?

~Michelle Obama in shorts~

I was shocked as I read this on MSNBC this afternoon!

The article said- "How Much Skin is Really in"?

You have got to be kidding! Do we not have more important matters to focus on? How many of us really care that she is baring her legs...or too much skin? It surprises me when the media focuses in on such things.

I think that Michelle Obama exudes real style and grace. She's an attractive woman, she works hard at keeping herself in good shape and why shouldn't she dress comfortably while on vacation?
Remember a couple of months ago when there was a fuss over Ms. Obama wearing sleeveless dresses? Really? She has great arms and why shouldn't she wear the styles that suit her toned body.

~ Michelle Obama~
In a sleeveless Dress...

Not since Jackie have we had such a stylish and refreshing First Lady. I for one, am all for dressing to suit the occasion and always being age appropriate. I cannot wait to read the headlines on what she may be wearing next week while vacationing on Martha's Vineyard.

Are you kidding?

I would love to know your thoughts on this.


  1. The best is the confidence that she exudes no matter what and that is what I like best. The media will always look for ways to twist things in order to make some sort of newsworthy story.
    I think we the readers should write, stand-up and stop this sort of trivial behavior.
    Now - back to Michelle, she looks great!

  2. I think she looks great and is young and in good shape to pull it off. I think they need something to talk about!

  3. Yes- in total agreement- the media should get with it- this is no Mamie Eisenhower nor is it the 50's, though Mamie did really like bearing the arms (was she accused too?) la

  4. She is a woman with style and elegance. I'm glad she was wearing shorts, because it confirms to the rest of us she's "real".

  5. I just ignore the press comments about this stylish first lady. As the phrase goes, if you've got it, flaunt it!! She is so REAL!!! Love it!!!

  6. The stuff that makes the "news" is kinda crazy. I try not to get sucked in because it is usually stupid or really negative and not really "news."

    I am new to your blog but I like your voice, and I will surely be back for more.

  7. There is absolutely nothing that the press will decline covering for the news media. Of course Michelle is classy! On vacation, hey that is personal time. Of course I no longer wear shorts, I just like the look of capris or a cool dress in warm weather, usually jeans and t-shirt when painting

  8. i have a hard time watching the news anymore.....but this doesn't surprise me, always negative comments, who gives a rats ass! certainly not Michelle O!!! you go girl!

  9. I am incredibly proud to have Michelle Obama as our first lady. She is real, she is warm and she is beautiful. One of the many reasons that the media is currently struggling with credibility is the fact that they try to make stories and scandals out of things that are neither.

  10. Oh honestly - these media critics really need to get with the Programme! This is 2009 & this is how woman of her age live. If she turned up in a business suit, they would have done her for being too formal on vacation. They need to get a life.
    Millie ^_^

  11. I think she looks great and it's so ridiculous. It's all just something to try and bring a negative light to the administration. so silly. There are real things to deal with. What a classy and confidant lady!

  12. 'are you kidding?' is so right, debra ...
    it is frightening how powerful the media can be ... or at least 'think' they can be ... you just have to know when to turn it off ...
    just think of all the good they could do focussing on what really matters ... i LOVE the obama's and am so grateful they are so 'real' ...
    a breath of fresh air ... bare arms, shorts and all ...
    a true first lady in my eyes,


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