Tuesday, August 4, 2009


~Store Security~
Today, while out on errands...I stopped at Kohl's. They were having a sale, and I wanted to take a peek! I purchased a pair of Ralph Lauren pearl earrings. I can never have too many, they were the size I love and they were ON SALE!!!
As I was walking out the door- this thing went off! I stopped dead-in-my-tracks!!!
The very nice sales associate said- "No problem, you're fine". But everyone nearby looked. I tucked the small bag with my earrings in my purse and continued on my errands. Right! The security went off in two other stores, causing my face to turn red {which makes you look very guilty by the way}, and anyone in ear-shot stopped and stared at me. I had to show my purchase, and proof of purchase to the not-so-nice sales associates.
I immediately took off for my car and sped away.

Moral of this story... when you purchase a cute pair of pearl earrings, do not~ I repeat DO NOT tuck them into your purse. Deliver them directly to your vehicle and then continue with what is suppose to be a nice, relaxing day of checking out the sales!
Have you had a similar, embarrassing experience??? It would make me ever so happy to hear about it.


  1. Lol sorry I've been there Gap/Old Navy have a security tag in their clothes you know the kind remove before washing oops forgot and set off many store beepers. I get red face guilty too even know I know I innocent!

  2. Oh how awful. I do hope you have recovered from the trauma.

  3. Yes, when the salesperson forgot to remove that magnetic clip from a dress I was buying. I was pre-occupied and didn't notice. However, she missed it,and the bells went off at the door. I understand about getting a red face and feeling momentarily awkward.

  4. i was with my mom not so long ago and she was setting off the alarms in and out of every store. we finally figured out she had forgotten to cut out one of those sewn in security tags.

  5. I'm with Frau and those darn Gap jeans tags. Cut them out!

  6. Oh Deb! I could just imagine how your face was a pretty shade of red. Mind would have too. At least you were able to snag the earrings that you wanted.

    P.S. my dear friend if we lived nearby one another- I would love to dogsit for your pups. When my neighbor last year was gone for 2 weeks. I would go to her house serveral times (a lot) throughout the day and night to check on her animals. I took photos and created a blog, writing about her 2 dogs and cat, giving their day by day event. With Laura, the gal I work for- I will send a photo or two of Riley. She knows Riley loves it here and gets spoiled. She gets a mint (a dog treat) on her pillow before bedtime. She has the run of the house like Kelly. She becomes part of our little family.

  7. Oh Debra that is so sad!!! But you will remember it every time you put on those pearls.... Don't have any humiliating stories but a funny sort of one. Back when I was in my 20s, my ex hubby and I checked into a toney hotel in Washington DC for a weekend of fun events..... when we arrived the guy at the front desk said to me "after you unpack your chic little things ..... " That was very amusing.....especially because I had no "chic little things" in my bags....

    Thanks for your Studebaker story!! I remember one "old" lady in my childhood neighborhood had one and I just LOVED that little car!!! She was probably only in her 30s at the time but she looked ancient to my young (at the time) eyes.....

  8. I hate when that happens...I carry library books around quite a bit and for some reason they ALWAYS set off alarms. It's quite a bit more embarassing to have no purchase and no proof of purchase to show...they practically want to strip search you!

  9. Oh and Debra you are so sweet. What an awful salesperson!

  10. I have actually beeped when entering a store, and so I dreaded going out knowing it would no doubt beep again and oh it's so embarrassing. So I went up to a clerk and said "I just beeped coming in, so remember this when I go out"...

    Oh the lengths.... Lol.

  11. Well this didn't happen to me personally, but it might help you feel a bit better. I have a good friend who is beyond book crazy. She can, and does, spend hours in a bookstore without ever coming up for air. One day she was in one of her favourite used bookshops, the kind with teetering stacks and tiny aisles. Well, she was just lost in the titles and as she walked she kept picking up different books and carrying them in her arms the way we all used to do going from class to class in school. When she finally decided it was time to go, ... she just went. Right out the door and out to her car. It wasn't until she was having a difficult time opening the car door with so many books in her arms that it dawned on her that she'd not paid for a one of them. She scurried back to the shop like the White Rabbit. I always wished I could have heard her explanation, but apparently the shop owner laughed and laughed, so all was well.


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