Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jewels of the Sea~Part Deux

~Mimi Gregoire Carpenter~

~The beautiful work of Maine artist Mimi Gregoire Carpenter~

I have long been a fan of Mimi Gregoire Carpenter's work. To me, her work exemplifies the treasures of the Maine coastline.
From her sea urchins, sand dollars, mussel shells, small pieces of driftwood and softly tumbled sea glass- Mimi captures the Jewels of the Sea perfectly.
Mimi has also authored the book, What the Sea Left Behind. I sweet story of the treasures a little girl finds while walking the beaches.

~ Perfect examples of Sea Glass~

~Beautiful blues and that citrus green~

~A bounty of sea glass~rarely seen quite like this~

I have just been invited on a marvelous adventure! Thursday morning I leave bright and very early for the shores of Maryland...Sea-glassing. For me, this is the perfect way to spend a few days. I'm traveling with my life-long friend. Her Dad the town physician, brought me into the world and she and I have been best friends since nursery school. So our twelve hour journey is just another good excuse to chat it up. Most of the year my friend lives in Florida, but she still has a summer home here in Maine. Sea-Glassing is a passion we share. She knows of some {secret} places where the treasures abound!
I'll be back here early next week~ so please come back and see what jewels I have unearthed.


  1. I love sea glass..have fun with your dear friend and I hope you find lots of treasures.

  2. I'm so ridiculous envious of your sea-glassing trip. My feet want to dance out to my local airport, catch a flight, and meet you there. Finding sea glass is one of those priceless things you can do on a beautiful beach. Those pieces of soft, weathered wonderfuls are just delightful. Have fun!

  3. I hope you find a message in a beautiful bottle.

  4. Oh Deb have a wonderful time!! I will be right there with you in spirit on the hunt for sea- glass. I love finding these wonderful gifts from the water at my feet. Unfortuantely I don't see as many as I use to when I was little. Many hugs!! xoxo

    Oops almost forgot to mention I love the artwork very colorful.

  5. Debra what fun!! I LOVE a long road trip and all the rituals that go along with it... for example when to stop for the day, what restaurant to try along the way, a cozy glass of wine and chatting. I look forward to the sea glass treasures you discover along the MD shores. Safe travels!!

    Gorgeous artwork in today's post. So much to absorb and lovely colors.. xoxo

  6. Oh my Debra I would love to collect some sea glass, the blues & greens. I see an art inspiration coming along!

  7. I can hear the excitement in your post voice! The happiest weeekend to you Debra.
    Millie ^_^

  8. love sea glass...especially the aqua colored ones! can hardly wait to "sea" what you found.

  9. Stunning illustrations, i love them. sea glassing - i had never heard it called that before, but it is something i love to do too, there is a quiet wee bay not far from our village that is a real treasure trove for such things. shhh i didn't tell anyone that! *ruthie*

  10. Thanks for sharing Mimis work. I love it. and the sea glass, my daughter would be so jealous to find that much. She likes to collect it.


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