Wednesday, August 12, 2009

L O V E a thunderstorm~

~Reading by candlelight~

~L O V E Cloud ~

I love a summer thunderstorm. They don't seem to bother the pups and I'm so thankful for that. We once had a sweet dog-GUS, he was terrified by a pending storm and could sense one coming for an hour.
It seems the perfect opportunity to take a break, stay off the computer and phone, light a fat candle and pick up a good book.

Do you enjoy a good thunderstorm? Or perhaps you head straight for your vehicle and park in a vacant lot {in school, they use to say that was the best and safest place to wait out a thunderstorm}

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  1. This summer, we have had our share of storms and rain.
    I do love all kinds of weather...but not driving in one.

  2. I too enjoy all kinds of weather. The only thing with thunderstorms are I don't like being home alone they are a tad scary for me. Growing up I had a very colorful imagination with the weather. Makes me think of my dad, he would smile and slightly shake his head and ask where do you come up these things.

    Enjoy the moment! xoxo

  3. I enjoy thunderstorms and watching them roll in on dark clouds. We rarely get them in Anchorage but when we do--YAY!! I think your idea of heading out to enjoy the storm in a parking lot is fun. Don't know if my pups would be afraid of thunder but they love to run out into the snow and challenge the moose who dare to come up to their fence......

  4. I do love thunderstorms, although we have them here most everyday in the Summer. Thanks for your sweet and supportive comment, Debra! XO

  5. Love thunderstorms, and what they evoke. Mystery, power, lightning from the Gods. The changes in weather are such a wonder!

  6. I like a summer thunderstorm, although we've had abit too many this summer. What's best is the scent of the fresh rainfall afterwards.

  7. i just said it looks like it's about to storm outside. we get some vicious ones in the summer...fine with me...if i'm home. i do not like to be on the interstate when it's storming.

  8. We don't have many thunderstorms here so when we do we get all excited about it!

  9. I love a good storm! To think as a child in the summer we used to sit on our porch during storms on metal chairs!!

  10. hi debra ~
    i am most grateful to find your blog this morning via the wonderful pve! immensely enjoying your postings ... the butterfly tribute to joyce is so so sweet ... and i do love a 'good' thunderstorm ~ especially in the daytime when you can watch it roll by ~ nighttime ones are a little scary if there are big winds and hail ... the power of nature ...
    happy to follow and hoping you'll share your paintings one day soon,


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