Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Virtual Holiday

~Bramasole- To yearn for the sun~

Bramasole is the name of the villa in Frances Mayes' book UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN.
I'm sure you have either seen the movie or read the book-or both.
I love the movie and watch it frequently. It takes me away to a place I love. I like the story too. Not too deep, not tragic and with a happy ending. I think I like the movie so much more than the book because it portrays Frances as a somewhat more hip women than the Frances in the book.
Personally, I'd love to meet this Frances. I'd like to go live with her for a few months. I'd like to eat ice-cream cones in the village piazza, and wish passers-by "Buon Natale" at Christmas.
I would like to cook in her ancient kitchen and have a team of strong men to do all of the chores for me. I would sketch interesting doors and entry-ways all day long and sip cold pinot grigio as the sun sets.

~ Tuscan Window~

~Sunflowers at sunset~

I'm trying to get my painting groove back- and I needed this little virtual holiday-if only for a few minutes. I hope your weekend is filled with all of the things that you love most. If you're having trouble kick-starting, try a virtual holiday of a favorite spot or one that you dream about.

See you back here on Monday.


  1. Enjoy your escape this weekend - I love that movie too Debra, xv.

  2. Debra, a lovely illustration of Bramasole. When that book first came out one summer, I savored it like a good meal. Then one day at the grocery store, I looked at what I was purchasing, and I laughed: fresh bread, olives, cheese. I was inventing my own Tuscan sun.

  3. Love your post today...I adore that book! The colors in your images are beautiful...nothing better than Sunflowers to brighten your day! Good luck with your painting! Happy weekend to you!

  4. Great idea. Enjoy your holiday.

  5. Hello, I'm loving your great blog -your posts are really interesting so thanks very much for sharing them. Pictures are really good too !

    Happy weekend,

  6. I too love this movie, the simplicity of the house, the wooden floors, furniture and the colors make for a very cozy feeling. I have often told my husband that I would love to run away with him to Italy when my children are all grown. I also love the water spicket at the end. Great post Debra. Thank you for reminding me of it.

  7. I hope you get your groove back!! Happy weekend and week ahead. I'm looking for my mojo/groove too!

  8. Debra, I just watched the movie a second time last week! I saw more with this viewing. We read the book in my book club group a few years ago, and we all loved it as well!

  9. Funny, just the other day, in my mad dash to the grocery, a young sprite girl skipped past me down the aisle, her eyes were bright and she said "Hello" and it took me a moment to snap back to my business - to me, it was a sign, to live with the joy and innocence in our hearts at home or in any aisle across the world.
    Great post!

  10. Loved the book and the movie! I have it and watch it often too! My other favorite "happy place" movie is Chocolat! Something's Gotta Gives not a bad happy place either! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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