Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's Your Favorite?

~Onion Soup~

What is your favorite time of year? Mine is autumn. It always has been. My intention is not to rush what's left of our summer. There are still a few more summer weekends to savor. But when I start hearing the crickets outside, I know that fall is just around the corner. Even as a young schoolgirl I loved autumn. It did mean having to say 'good-bye' to the carefree days of summer, and get back into a routine. Then as I got older and started working during the summer, I would look forward to reconnecting with friends and start going to football games. But now, at this time of my life, I do adore those first crisp days of autumn. It brings a tranquility~a time of nesting~gathering in the nuts for winter. This is when I really love to cook. When there is time to prepare a hearty, thick soup or stew and let simmer away all afternoon. I like to bake with fall apples and fill the freezer with some special treats for unexpected guests.

~The Perfect Fall Sweater~
{I don't have this sweater, but I wouldn't mind adding it to my collection...}

We can start wearing our soft, warm sweaters during walks and even when the house turns a little cooler during the day.

At days end, we can sip a glass of wine in front of the fire.

Listening to the crisp leaves beneath your feet. You may catch the scent of a neighbor burning leaves. Bring home a few special reminders and press them between the pages of a well-loved book.
What is your favorite season? What are the things that make it special?


  1. Autumn is my most favorite, perhaps it has something to do with starting fresh, new back to school supplies and fresh shoes, the colors of the leaves, the tastes, apple, butternut squash and then my anniversary too. I think of love, of learning and look forward to turning a new leaf...in a new cozy cable sweater like that one!

  2. Autumn is my favorite too. I loved the crisp air and walking through leaves. Autumn reminds me of my childhood, fond memories.

  3. Mine is autumn as well! And, while on the subject, I much prefer calling it "autumn" than "fall." It just sounds more romantic :)

  4. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. I also like Spring. I think both seasons are called the shoulder seasons. There are so many wonderful sights and aromas that make-up the Autumn season.

  5. Debra, autumn is absolutely my favorite time of year. Here in Kansas City we do experience all four seasons. You hit on many of the reasons, colorful foliage and crisp weather, sweaters, jeans, French onion soup, chili, and so on! I bring out candles with scents of pumpkin, cinnamon, apples, cloves.

  6. I am a summer girl through and through. I love summer colors and the beach. However, in the Fall I also enjoy making spaghetti sauce (lots of meat--I call it Mafia Sauce) soups and stews with extra to freeze. In Fall I also love to rake leaves. I find it very meditative. It appears Fall is around the corner here... the fireweed is about bloomed out. All the blooms have reached the top of the plant. Once that happens we will begin to notice the snow creeping down the mountains......

    Have a lovely day, Debra!! xoxo

  7. FALL is my FAVORITE! I love the slight cool weather wearing sweaters or big sweatshirts. The colors of fall are so warm and vibrant- fires are filling the fireplace. If you look real close you can almost see nature tucking things in for the winter months ahead to come. In someways we almost nest ourselves as we get ready for the colder months. I enjoy the comfy foods of cups of warm soup and hot apple cider. Ahhh.... Enjoy my sweet friend! xoxox

  8. oh debra ... your image of the soup has me drooling! yummers!
    it is so hard for me to say that i have a favourite season ~ i really do love and embrace them all for what they have to offer and get excited as they approach ... autumn for all the reasons you have mentioned ... winter for the bright blanket of snow, rosy cheeks, cross country skiing ... spring for all things hopeful ... and summer for gardening and it's bounty ...
    i am very grateful to live where we have the season changes to look forward to ~
    thank you for your awesome post on autumn,

  9. Oh you are making my heart beat faster!!!
    I cannot wait for all you describe!

  10. I'm with you I love Autumn to when the leaves change and it's still not too cold. I'm in heaven.

  11. Hot, hot, hot for me Deb! I love the dry, searing heat of Summer, wearing only one layer of clothes, bare feet & hot nights. As we live in a very bush-fire prone area up here in the Hills, Summer also means being vigilant & alert. So I guess a lot of the good & a little of the not-so-good. Enjoy your up-coming Fall days dear.
    Millie ^_^


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