Friday, August 21, 2009

Last of the summer weekends~

~Rocky Maine Coastline~

Friday we are planning a little trip to the coast with good friends. I heard this morning that hurricane Bill may be traveling up the eastern seaboard. This could result in huge waves, and lots of wind and rain. We will be staying right on the shoreline.

Unless the predictions are hazardous we are proceeding with our plans.
We're planning to cook lobsters, corn and steam some clams. A nighttime fire mean S'mores will likely be dessert.

I'm thinking that there may be some special jewels of the sea just waiting for me.

As summer closes in on us we all try to squeeze in those last special outtings.

Do you have special plans for these last few summer weekends?


  1. I'm in denial that is is almost over! Bike ride to the park and picnic perhaps. We went from 90 degrees to 70 in one day, if it could just stay 70 I'd be happy. Have a great weekend watch out for Bill.

  2. As long as it stays off your coast, you might see some beautiful waves....and like you said....some treasures would be sure to wash ashore. (and i don't mean the plastic bottle variety) Be safe and have a memorable time!

  3. I'm taking it as it comes. I hope the weather agrees with you and you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Hope Bill does not interfere with any of your plans. Enjoy the weekend (and the S'mores...hope you saved some cookies from the batch you made for the boys to take along).

    I too cannot believe summer is almost gone but the evidence is outside, the leaves are beginning to fall and the morning air is very crisp. Seemed like yesterday when we were expecting the houseful for the wedding....I am going to do some house chores, walk the dogs and play a little tennis....I plan to tackle dust, carpets & laundry this weekend.

  5. Be safe and have fun!! As long as it isn't too intense a good storm will be fun :)
    Is summer really almost over?

  6. Deb, I have my fingers cross that Bill decides not to join the party. Be safe and enjoy! xoxoxo...
    PS I hope some jewels of the sea has your name on it, just waiting to be discovered by you.

  7. I hope that you have a wonderful time and that Bill doesn't mess things up for you, Debra. Sounds like fun plans! P.S. thanks for your very sweet comment!

  8. Have a wonderful weekend getaway. I hope the weather gods shine down on you!

  9. A weekend on the coast sounds like heaven. Hopefully, Hurricane Bill will dissipate before reaching your great state.

    Little league football games and a family campout in the mountains will fill our next 3 weekends!

  10. many wishes for a wonderful weekend, free of bill or any other nasty weather ... sounds like a most lovely way to wrap up the season!
    in just the last few days i have really felt like fall is falling quickly ... hoping to dip our kayaks in for a little paddle ~


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