Monday, August 10, 2009

Butterfly Face~

~Erin at the fair~

~Butterfly Face~

~This little Butterfly face is for you Joyce~

If there happens to be anyone out in blog-land that hasn't yet met Joyce from A Perfect Beginning, visit soon and make her a part of your daily bread. Joyce is a special lady that sees the beauty in life. Butterflies have a special, loving meaning for Joyce-and this special Butterfly face is just for her.
I hope your weekend was as nice as ours was.


  1. I love Joyce, she is a special lady. Erin looks just adorable with her butterfly face!! Have a lovely week, Debra!!! xoxo

  2. ...and who are those big juicy brown eyes for?
    They are gorgeous. Pretty Erin!

  3. Dear Deb, you gave me happy tears this morning to share your sweet butterfly with me today! She is a beautiful butterfly with eyes and a soul that sparkles and shines as bright as the golden sun!

    This is a priceless photo! I can feel the happiness through the photos. I love the bit of bling, glitter and the hearts with the fab colors.

    Oh Erin you are one beautiful butterfly my little friend. Enjoy your visit.


  4. Ladies~ I awoke this morning with this sweet butterfly next to me {with a little foot near my face!} She's now very busy taping her art to our entry wall. Bright paper chains next.

  5. What a doll! I love to get butterfly bushes as gifts for friends!

  6. Gorgeous face on that little beauty! Joyce is a gem...I love her and her blog. Have a great Monday Deb!

  7. What a sweet, cherub like face...if she wasn't a fairy face she would be an angel face.

    Tricia - Avolli

  8. ooops! I meant butterfly face not fairy...but a fairy face is sweet too!

  9. What a beautiful little butterfly! A sweet face for Joyce.

  10. How adorable! Summers in Maine, you lucky girl you.


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