Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer~at it's best.

~ Maine Lobster~

~Garden fresh, juicy tomatoes~

~Just-picked corn-on-the-cob~

Do you eat to live? Or do you live to eat?

Most of the time, I try to eat to live. I fill up on as much fresh produce as possible, eat a bit of turkey, no red meat and I try to be careful with carbs and sugar.

That being said... this time of year I definitely live to eat! Maine meals at their summer best that is. Who can resist fresh tomatoes, corn-on-the-cob {with real butter}, and Maine lobster...ahem-also with real butter. A chilled glass of pinot grigio and you have a fabulous Maine meal.

So, tell me- do you eat to live or live to eat? And what is your favorite summer indulgence?


  1. I definitely live to eat, no question about it. Food (good, local, organic, seasonal food) is my passion! My favorite summer food, today - all the juicy stone fruits I picked up this morning at the Farmer's Market as well as the glorious heirloom tomatoes.

  2. I love the Farmers' markets, trying out new recipes and eating something really delicious. Food is an art.
    With that said, my favorite summer indulgences are Jersey tomatoes, corn, blueberries and peaches. Also love the Bing cherries from Washington. Our 3 tier pie rack is filled with these delicious goodies!

  3. My Mother always instilled good food values in each of us. I think with all of the studies now showing that a diet rich in fish and fresh produce adds to a glorious life full of vitality. I think I would have to say I eat to live. I eat knowing that I am educating my own children and that I am in hopes to be my best advocate for a long life. I am lately on a kick to eat less as it has also been proven that our society is eating much more than we need. (My Mother vows that weighing less is the key) Eating seasonally fresh produce, lots of lemon, fresh olive oil and lots of pure water.
    I am off for a fresh fruit and granola breakfast!

  4. garden tomatoes! i think it depends on when you ask me. i try to eat to live. carbs and sugar are not my friend either...we eat very natural in our house. my children have grown up without unnecessary ingredients in their food and we have really tried to teach them the value of healthy eating (they actually think their friends are crazy for eating some of the junk out there). that being said, i get really annoyed in the grocery store when there isn't enough options. i don't want food that has a paragraph of ingredients, so we pretty much stick to the outside aisles. love a good farmer's market!

  5. I am in the "Live to Eat" club. If the food is in front of me and I want it, I will eat it. I have been enjoying the corn on the cob (Washington State) this summer. With and without butter......

    While I am in Seattle I will not be seeing any of our blog buddies..... such a short jam packed visit -- and Lecia (A Day that is Dessert) has family arriving on Saturday.... so it won't work out this trip..... xoxo

  6. I tasted my first lobster during my summer camp counseling job at Camp Walden, Denmark Maine! Maine made everything taste better - lobster, tomatoes, blueberries, whoopie pie, bug juice!! Sweet summer memories.

  7. Absolutely, unequivocally I live to eat Debra! Summer foods that I adore & pig out on are ripe squishy peaches, tomato/basil sour dough bruschetta, chicken Caesar, icy cold Thai squid salad & my true fave Summer Pudding! Lovely post.
    Millie ^_^


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