Thursday, August 6, 2009

PJ Party~

~Peaceful, lazy afternoon~

~Long, sweet conversation~

~...and a Mai Tai before dinner~
Tuesday afternoon I went to my friend's summer cottage. We have a P.J. party once each summer. No phones, no computers, no kids, no husbands. But there is lots of catching-up, sharing stories and a mai tai before dinner.
We stayed up far too late and got up early for coffee and more stories before I had to get home to the eager pups, waiting for a walk.
This is one of the things I love about summer. Connecting with dear friends, catching up on events of the past few months and relaxing without any other temptations. It's a day of reprieve from chores, errands, sketching and the other daily duties that so often keep us from those that we hold dear and don't see often enough.
Treat yourself to an afternoon with a good friend. Catch up on books read, movies seen, projects accomplished and what the year ahead may hold. It's a summer treat.


  1. I just e-mailed a friend for a Thelma and Louise road trip.

  2. I'm planning on hosting a luncheon that I am calling "A celebration of women, a celebration of friends."

  3. A sleepover party is fun! I like a good Mai Tai too! I treasure the moments with my girlfriends even if it is for an hour or longer. Enjoy your golden day my friend! xoxo

  4. oh, heaven - send me an invitation for next year!!! have a great day, debra!!!

  5. What fun what fun! I love that idea!

  6. Love the lakeside view! Your PJ tradition sounds so fun! I still think with fondness the 2006 road trip from Anchorage to NJ with my mom and Ginger eastbound and my sister/Ginger westbound. Loved the freedom and adventure! We left Anchorage on July 7 and arrived on July 24 in Jersey (we were not hurrying). I spent that summer in the East Coast. That is a whole other story.

    In September 2006 when we were westbound I put my car on the container ship in Seattle and flew home because I was a little worried about driving thru Canada and finding the small hotels along the way closed for the season.....

    PS Cheers to you on Champagne Thursday!!! xo

  7. Fab landscape! You seem to have had a very nice time with your friend! What's better than hours spent with friends talking and talking???
    Wish you a great week end!

  8. We all need a weekend like that in the summertime!


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