Tuesday, August 11, 2009


~Cooling breeze~

~Cooling Swim~

~Maine's Lake Region~

It is high-summer-season in Maine. Hot, hazy, and humid.
I start my day with the windows wide open- with the hopes of a bit of a cooling breeze. Later, I'm shutting all of the windows and doors and giving in to air conditioning.

I like to stay busy during the day-with sketching, puttering around the house and preparing dishes for dinner. I admit to having a low tolerance for the humidity.

The weather has changed considerably in two days? On Saturday it was dry..... very dry, cool and breezy. Almost fall-like.

I know what is ahead for us here in the northeast- so I will enjoy the hot weather, get my work done in the early morning hours and later in the day hop on my scooter, maybe take a swim and start the a.c...

I hope that your days are warm, sunny and not too humid.
What do you do to combat the, hot, hazy and humid weather?


  1. Luckily we do not have the hazy humidity you must endure in the East, but I remember how oppressive it can be!! Just thinking about it makes me tired!! Love your little scooter!! xoxoxo

  2. I try to remember that in a few months there will be snow on the ground...I love being bare foot, and sleeveless...and knitting projects cool me off...or being with my family and enjoying the outdoors, the beach, the garden!
    Enjoy the heat while it lasts!

  3. This time of year with the humid weather our yard starts to look tired and with all the rain we had- some little bugs and big guys have enjoyed the leaves of the plants. I am seeing some of the weak leaves starting to fall and some kind of nuts growing. They look like small green apples. Have you seen this kind Deb?

    Deb I would love to see your little scooter. What color is it?

    Enjoy my friend. xoxo

  4. Joyce~ I'm not sure about these little nuts. Let me know if you find out. The above picture is just like my little scoot!

  5. Debra, I have wanted a scooter for so long. Let me know if you hear of any "deals"!

  6. Hello Debra! In this moment I'm combatting flies! They're eating me! But I understand you...I don't like humidity..unfortunately also in Italy Summer is often very wet! When I'm on the beach I can have a swim and at home I can have air conditioning...but I don't like to stay inside and with all the windows close! I like to stay outside and so...I suffer!!!
    Wish you a sunny and cool rest of the week!

  7. okay....first, love the scooter! second...humidity is florida's middle name. at this time of year, we head to the beach early or late, but never, never in the middle of the day. i also remind myself how amazingly beautiful it will be in 6 months when the rest of the country has miserable weather.


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