Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Don't you love the word~ Bittersweet? I think it conjures up all sorts of emotion. A love that just can't be, a "good-bye" that is sad but something wonderful awaits.

Many years ago, a good friend and I would scour the highway looking for Bittersweet. The best place, where it grew wildly was actually right on the highway. Loaded with sharp clippers and large trash bags we would head off for our autumn stash of Bittersweet. We would park on the side of the highway and dash off, clipping and stowing as quickly as we could. That in itself was Bittersweet...

What exactly were the consequences of pilfering wild Bittersweet from a state highway?
Would we have to surrender our haul, show up for county court?

The Bittersweet truth about gathering Bittersweet was sorting through the vines once we were safely back home and delivering it among our friends.

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  1. I do love Bittersweet saying ...

  2. I've used the word "bittersweet" in my writing.

  3. I do love the word bittersweet but being a native New Yorker never actually seen it. Thanks so much. It's beautiful!

  4. Can you eat it? Just kidding, it's pretty and I have never seen it before and for sure it is not in Anchorage! How bittersweet, sigh... Have a super lovely day, Debra!! xoxoxo

  5. I adore bittersweet Debra. I will send you an image of my Dining fixture with its tangle of this beautiful vine!

  6. How odd, in elementary school, I drew a still life of "bittersweet" and I was so "bitter" over not winning, they told me that there was no way that I could draw it that well, as it looked as if I copied it. It was bittersweet in a glass vase, that was my Grandma Elsie's vase.

  7. Bittersweet is a word I too often use. I love the wild bittersweets very nice! xoxo

  8. I don't think we have wild bittersweet here -Wish it did- it is beautiful.

    'Bittersweet' is such a great word-to describe many of life's moments.

  9. Debra,
    I, too, love bittersweet --- the word and the
    plant !!! I always scavenge it from abandoned properties and your post has prompted me to do so today!
    Thank you,


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