Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A little adjustment~

~Ouch... back pain~

Like many, I battle occasional back pain. If I sit or stand too long it rears it's ugly head.
My pain presents itself in the form of back spasms.
Several years ago my regular physician ordered a few sessions with a wonderful chiropractor. I had heard horror stories of chiropractors that lure you in and then keep you as a regular for years and years. I was cautious and did my research before making that first appointment.
The time came when the discomfort was so rough and incapacitating that I made the appointment full of hope.

My wonderful chiropractor's goal is to return you to good, healthy alignment, teach stretching exercises and release you.

~Lay your hands on me~

So, every once in a while I feel out-of-sorts, a little tense, my back starts to give out and says to me...'time for a little laying-on of the hands".

On Monday I went for a little adjustment and was right-as-rain and as straight as a 2 by 4 after one session.
Do you suffer from back issues at all? Do you seek chiropractic? What do you do when your back says loudly..." Time for a timeout"?
I understand that some may have strong feelings about alternative medical practices.
I only mention this, as it has given me great relief from my back issues. I in no way suggest this practice for others without research, great consideration and the recommendation of your primary care physician.


  1. My back starts hurting when I've skipped 1 pilates lesson. Is that a good or a bad thing??....well, to be honest, not that often lately, but it used to hurt.
    Ah...Debra, it must be our age ..LOL!!!

  2. Thankfully I have never had back problems. But I do have shoulder problem and have tried everything...it's better but has it's days. Glad you are feeling better.Have a wonderful day!

  3. Does having my daughter walk on my back count? te he!
    From time to time my back will tell me, to stretch, lie down, and to give it love in the form of a massage. I love a "rain massage"- There is something about water that makes me feel calm and right as rain!

  4. Yes, I had a herniated disc in my lower back many years ago. My Chiropractor was very honest with me, and told me I needed to see an Orthopedist. Everything in the end turned out fine.

  5. Knock on wood: I have been lucky so far to have lived 57 years without back pain or issues. I have never seen a chiro but in our law practice in auto accident patients I have seen they can work wonders on the injured. I am a believer!! I have had accupressure and that is very very relaxing. xoxo

  6. I've had some bad lower back and shoulder issues that worked itself out but it was rough. I have considered a chiropractor. Thanks for this post.

  7. I've had back problems for years but have learned what causes it and try to avoid that activity. I am afraid of chiropractors- know many people who have come back worse than when they went. I use orthopedic doctors when I need to.

  8. Whilst I've never experienced back pain, my poor husband has. Lower back spasms. The worst. We once drove down to the beach, with dogs, to spend a week in a rented house. Early next morning, he went out to walk by the sea. I saw him coming over the dunes, moving slowly, with his body in the exact shape of the letter S. I knew immediately what had happened. Long drive, strange bed, stooping over to pick up a shell, and whammo. Needless to say, our week was a bit different than we'd planned, what with me playing the role of field nurse and dog wrangler! So, I do sympathize with you!!

  9. Debra: are these your photos? I never see photo credits, so I'm unsure.

  10. I can relate to Pamela Terry's husband. The letter S shape frequently visits my back, and then Im down for a week. Walking and stretching help, but when its really bad its time to see my Orthopedic Dr. Wouldn't it be great to trade in our old spines for new ones.

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