Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quiet post

~B.B's. No-iron {really}

Is there anything better than a crisp, white shirt?
Happy October 1~
Breast Cancer awareness month.
Have you had your mammogram?


  1. There is truly something about a white crisp shirt. I love the fact it can be dressed up and dressed down. It can stand all on its own or with a strand of pearls. The question is how many white shirts does a gal need?! Please answer one for each day of the week. LOL...
    Hugs n' kisses my friend.

  2. love a perfectly clean crisp white shirt. Great finds!

  3. Joyce~ This gal can never have too many...

    Southern Aspirations~ Aren't they fabulous? Perfect for any day of the week.

  4. You can do so much with a crisp white shirt. I love them.Tomorrow I will also post a tribute for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

  5. I agree there is nothing as classy as a glam white shirt with pearls, lots of strands!! Yup, had my mammo in 2009! So far, so good. Loved this post! Happy Champagne Thursday to you, sweet Debra!! Hugs from Anchorage xoxo

  6. Love those shirts and I have thanks.

  7. White shirts with jeans and some nice italian high heels shoes and of course a matching bag.....LOVE IT! If it wasn't for my addiction to black clothings....I have two white shirts..Hm, maybe I should buy some.
    You are the sweetest!! XXX, Carmie.

  8. C.T. Get those white shirts... with black jeans, black slacks, black skirts... you would be fabulous.

    Ladies~ So happy that you all love white shirts as much as I do. Let's go shopping!

  9. hi debra ~ oh, i have so missed visiting lately and feel like i am so far behind! these white shirts are just GREAT! i love the white shirt tucked into faded jeans look the most ... in fact, that's just what i might wear tomorrow when i go to town! thanks!
    turning the big 5 0 this summer meant that i did indeed get my reminder to have a mammogram and have an appt with my doc next month ~ i appreciate the reminder, though ~ it's so important ...
    cheerio for now,


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