Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lunch in Camden~

~Camden Harbor~
{This is where I spoke with a lovely tourist- taking photos with her Canon Rebel... pretty please Santa}
We took off for Camden today. Very unexpectedly. A beautiful Maine coastal village.
First we walked down to look at the boats-getting ready for one last voyage-then in for the winter.
It was a beautiful, sunny day~ one of the few remaining days that were just right for a little jaunt.

It has been a beautiful day with the sun warming the air.
This makes me think of another coastal village that I love to visit...

~Cappy's Chowder House~
We stopped at Cappy's for a mug of chowder and hot mulled cider.
This time of year, there are few things as appealing as a visit to a lovely Maine coastal village.
Tourists that have arrived to leaf-peep, enjoy a boiled lobster or just walk along the docks to see the boats coming and going.

~The Bar~
I love to sit at the bar. I enjoy talking with the servers and hearing what's going on about town.

~Gotta Love This~

An especially nice autumn weekend in Maine.

~More about this quaint Maine village coming tomorrow~

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  1. I dream of visiting Maine, ever since speaking with a "Mainer" when I was a child.

    I also love coastal towns and sigh... seafood chowder, one of the BEST things I've ever tasted and something I never find in England - the chowder that is, we are surrounded by water.

    I adore your photographs and think the "wicked cheap lobster" is funny!

  2. Wicked little town, loaded with Maine charm.

  3. A very charming post to depict a very charming village. I love small town America.

  4. Lovely jaunt. I enjoyed the story of Alexander the Gull! He is mounted so beautifully... Happy Sunday!! PS I made that brisket for our Sunday dinner.. the house smells heavenly! xoxo

  5. wicked cheap lobster ... don't you just love that?
    what a wonderful way to spend your day ... it's hard to tuck the boat away for winter, but it sure makes the next sailing season a lot to look forward to!
    red skies at night and warm winds to you,
    prairiegirl xo

  6. From one Maine girl to another, this is a wicked good post, Debra. I love Camden, and this looks like it was a perfect day. It's grey and cold here on the island today, but so, so beautiful.

    Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes! xoxo Gigi

  7. Camden is so beautiful and it was so nice to see it again through your photos. I live in southern Maine and haven't gotten up as far as Camden in quite a long time. Have you ever been up to the top of Mount Battie?

  8. There's something enchanting about sailboats...

  9. I love a Restaurateur with a sense of humour! Sounds like you had a perfectly wonderful day you two lovely folks.
    Millie ^_^

  10. I want to pack up my packs and move to this cute little town! Thanks for sharing my friend. xoxo

  11. D,
    i was there on friday.
    the fried calamari is delish!
    *next time we will meet.


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