Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mac and Cheese

~Mac and Cheese~

We love it don't we? It's the ultimate comfort food. Kids love it- it's easy and as long as we keep in mind portion control we're good.

My grandmother made the best mac and cheese. She used only elbow macaroni, heavy cream, butter and buttered biscuit crumbs. Not a low fat meal, but very tasty.

A few years ago a friend told me that she had started using Martha Stewart's mac and cheese recipe and that it was, in her taste- the best. A bit more involved, but well worth it! And I might add- this recipe makes a huge amount of mac and cheese- at least 12 servings.
She also mentioned that when she got ready to make the crumb topping, she only had a loaf of cinnamon swirl bread. She made the topping using that and the rest shall we say... is mac and cheese history.

It was delicious. Easily the very best mac and cheese I have ever tasted. The hint of sweetness with a touch of cinnamon warmth in perfect balance with the tangy cheeses.
I have been making this recipe every Christmas Eve for several years now. That first year I got a few raised eyebrows-that is until that first creamy bite.
We have lots of friends and family in for the night before Christmas and I do a lot of cooking for this party. By far, this dish is the first one plated-up and the first one gone.

I follow the directions and just substitute cinnamon swirl bread for white bread.

Believe me... it's worth making. Give it a swirl!

Bon Appetit!

Image: Delish


  1. This is the recipe I use as well! Truly a delicious concoction. I always think it's that pinch of nutmeg that pushes it over the top. And with cinnamon bread crumbs!? Wow.

  2. My daughter could live on mac and cheese alone. She likes my classic homemade with lots of cheddar and a dash of "nutmeg!"
    I will give Martha's recipe a whirl!

  3. Thanks for this twist on the classic. I've printed it out and will give it a try. I'm sure the family will love it.

  4. Yummy! Haven't made that in years...I'm gonna give it a whirl.

  5. This sounds like a delicious way to eat an all time favorite mac and cheese.

  6. Oh - I love traditions like that! It sounds delicious. REALLY!

  7. Mac and cheese is one of my favorite standbys, Debra. This looks wonderful! xo

  8. Everytime I ask an American how they make Mac&Cheese they come up with yet another ingredient. So...I'll give this one a try, if not...I'll never ever know how a good M&C will taste (and that my dear makes me a bit sad - to say it in nice words-).
    - I cried as well as I read the poem for the first time. I'm such a softie, really tooooo emotional. So I'm glad it touched you as well, thx for making me seem so normal ;-)-

  9. good old elbow macaroni 'n cheese ... is there anything better?
    you know debra ... every time you post about food, i get this overwhelming desire to make what you have made! it is always so appealing! and timely ... how do you do that? smiling.
    i have a couple of postings about a stew and soup that i made that i want to put up some cool day, just for you ... will let you know ... the soup, (for my extraordinaire soup making friend) is a roasted carrot soup ... it was scrumptious ...
    anyways, i have often thought it would be great to have someone layout a menu for the week ... i think you would be AWESOME at designing a weekly menu and posting ... (just thinking out loud) ...
    thanks so much for this ... as always!
    prairiegirl xoxo

  10. Oh Debra! My ultimate comfort food, and now I must try this new twist with cinnamon bread! Thank you for sharing! YUM!

  11. I could swim in this because this is my kind of food. Yummy!


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