Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mad for Plaid~

~Plaid Skirt~

I am mad for plaid. We are headed toward that time of year when I can get out the plaid that I love to use. For me it just adds to the warmth and coziness of this time of year. I'm rather subtle with it for a while and then come December-I pull out all of the stops.

A good-fitting plaid skirt with a black turtleneck is ideal for this time of year. At least around here it's getting cold!

~Plaid Jacket~

This plaid jacket would sure keep me warm during dog walking and errands. And that ring can be used as a weapon!

~Classic plaid ribbon~

I have rolls and rolls of this classic plaid ribbon. I've been using it on holiday packages for years. I even found wonderful cocktail napkins in this plaid for holiday gatherings.

~Red Plaid Pajamas~

Mine are from L.L. Bean and I've been wearing them for years. They last forever and I would recommend them to anyone living where the nighttime temperatures drop.

~My wrapping paper~

I've been using this same wrapping paper forever {I purchase plenty whenever I find it}- this one with red or green ribbons and plain red paper with the plaid ribbon above. Isn't it festive? It just squeals HOLIDAYS!

~Dooney & Bourke Erica Bag~

When I was replacing that wine glass last weekend, I spotted this little beauty. Did I resist???

Yes!!! Is it on my wish list...YES!
So yes, one can have and use too much plaid. I typically set a table using red plaid wool napkins that I got for a steal at Ralph Lauren, and my white stoneware.

I may wear a plaid jacket or shirt...or cute ballet flats.

Aren't you even a little drawn to red plaid this time of year?
Doesn't it conjure up coziness and a bit of a cottage feel to you?


  1. Yes, I love alittle plaid in my life!

  2. I agree, plaid with a black turtleneck is very classy. I do not have any plaid currently but the PJs would definitely work for me..... now go out and get that handbag!!! xoxo

  3. I always started wearing lots of plaid when school started, but don't wear it down here in FL. Love those traditional red plaids, though. Have a great weekend, Debra! xo

  4. PS i think I WILL treat myself to plaid jammies!! xoxo

  5. Strange, I know I left a comment, well here it is a 2nd time round -
    I love plaid, and my fave is the classic blackwatch plaid with dots or stripes and bright kelly green. There is something so timeless, yet so regal about a McPlaid.



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