Friday, October 23, 2009

A little help from my friends~

~Easy Granny Squares~
My late Mother taught me to crochet as a young girl. She made really beautiful things and I wanted to learn how.
I mastered the basic-chain- single and double crochet. I made many single and double crochet afghans. I made them for the whole family one Christmas. I recently saw a granny square afghan that was done in the most gorgeous, bright colors. Not the same granny square afghan that your Grandmother may have made with the black centers. This one was truly beautiful. So I got out my hooks and some old yarn and tried my hand at granny squares... and I tried...and I tried. O.K.-I think I have a block here. I cannot figure this out. I have a hard time following printed directions. I have asked blogger friends, girlfriends; today I went to a sweet yarn shop near my home and she would have helped but she had a knitting group there.

~Simple Granny Square~
{Not mine}

Can anyone offer any help? Please remember I cannot follow directions! I'm doing something very wrong here. The more I fail, the more I am determined to master this.

~Afghan Love~

Isn't this wonderful? I love the bright colors and various sizes of granny squares.
Any help or suggestions...greatly appreciated.
Part of my logic is I can wrap up in this while working on it during the long, cold Maine winter.

My own file {if anyone knows where this came from, please advice so I can give credit}


  1. I like the idea of wrapping up in it as you work on it. Try the yarn shop lady again. I'm sure she'll know.

  2. I use to be great at granny squares, but that was many, many moons ago. Yours looks pretty good. The squares in that afghan look so nice and tight and lay so flat. Mine were always more loose like yours looks. Not sure if it's the yarn or the technique?? They look like regular granny squares....

    I am painting my living room and man would that look awesome with my new green. Might be a nice winter project for me too. Was there a pattern somewhere?

  3. Kathy~ This isn't my work- I am trying to figure it out. Surely you can pick up a hook and start right where you left off.

  4. Deb- my mom is a big crochet gal. When her eyes were better she made dollies and hankies with the crochet trim. Would it help if I took photos of her doing this? Hey wait what I have an idea be right back.

    OK I'm back maybe this page with YouTube will help.
    let me know if it does my friend.

    PS Shhhh...don't worry on the string I'm still working on it. xoxxox

  5. Practice makes perfect and takes time to master. I would get one of those Crochet for Dummies books and do the exercises with your spare yarn. They are very helpful. Then you can crochet a scarf for me!! :) xoxo

  6. Sorry Debra, I am of no help as my crocheting genes were given to somebody else but I do love the pic though.....Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

  7. That is a lot of work and BEAUTIFUL too!

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  9. You did a good job. You need to add a stitch on the last round. Also, try to leave out the chain-1 stitches between the shells (groups of chain-3 that do NOT constitute the corners, where you have a 3dc, chain-2, 3 dc). Your stitches look good and even.

    Even long time crochetsters find it hard to keep them even when making granny squares, because that first stitch is always tricky.



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