Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Pink Reminder~

~Bumper Sticker~

Although I did post a reminder to have your mammogram earlier this month, I wanted to drive the point home once again.
Thank~You to the stylish Mrs. Blandings and new Mom and designer Erika.

*I do hope these bumper stickers come in the form of interjecting a little humor into a very serious issue-no disrespect intended here.*

"Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry".
I saw this on a fabulous blog a while ago-jotted it down, added the blog to my favorites with the thought that I would post about it's creator soon. I have searched and cannot find the blog. And when I say I have searched... I mean I have spent hours trying to locate her again.
If anyone out there knows where I found this little quote~ please email me.


  1. yep, let's save the tattas and humor really is the best medicine!

  2. Great reminder once again...
    My sister is a cancer survivor!
    Lovely day Debra~

  3. Yes, the tattas must be saved!!

  4. Mine are saved at least for this year.

    Somehow I missed the Mac & Cheese post! but it looks and sounds very delicious........ goes well with Champagne I am sure!! No Champagne until March.... (ok maybe some on New Year's Eve and during the holidays.... )xoxo

  5. Wonderful! I had mine last spring, it is so important!


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