Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Song of the Loon~

~Maine Loon~
We live across the road from the lake and each spring I anxiously await that first song of the loon.
They lull me to sleep each night and will let me know if a summer storm is approaching.
At this time of year, their song is especially sweet as I know they will soon be traveling to the open water of the ocean. I'll have to wait through the harshest of months before they return with their soft lullaby.
I rally around the strength of this amazing couple.
You remain in my thoughts and my prayers.
I was so touched by the interview on Oprah on Wednesday.
The appropriate words escape me.


  1. I have been searching the internet all morning hoping to catch a snipped of the Oprah interview. I have read NieNie since the accident, she is such an inspiring women. My heart goes out to her and her family.

  2. i love the loons too.....
    happened to catch NieNie on Oprah, i've read her blog since the crash and she really is inspiring......

  3. Thanks D- for the heads up on the loon and the nie nie couple being on Oprah. I gave myself permission to watch and was touched by her beauty, her strength, her love and her passion to choose to live. I love how O- praised stay at home Moms and connected two individuals.
    I hope one day, I can come and hear that loon and see the lights in your window sparkle!

  4. Like Kim (KKS) I have been following NieNie since the plane crash. What an amazing story of survival. I too happened to be home (normally that is dog walking time) and caught her and Mr. Nielson with Miss O. The scene with her two precious children in the tub and how she could not pick them up or hold them made me tear up....we do take so much of our daily routine for granted.....and her family looks like such a fun group. I just love her blog.

    Have a lovely day and we will raise a glass of Champagne in honor of the departing loons and NieNie today. xoxo

  5. a quiet, solemn thank you ~
    prairiegirl xo


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