Saturday, October 10, 2009


~Bedroom fire~

I'm enjoying a quiet weekend alone. Time to relax, step back and catch up.
Wouldn't you love to spend a cool Saturday or Sunday morning curled up here in front of this fire?

~Open the window and pull the covers up~

I love the splashes of green and the fabulous light fixture. A big mug of hot coffee and I'm one happy camper.
Like you, most days I hit the bricks walking and don't slow down {except to read your delightful blogs} until it's time to think about dinner... But this weekend I will postpone some chores in exchange for some unexpected quiet time.

~A little tent to escape to~

There are times we need to steal some precious hours. For some that means staying up late to enjoy the quiet and for others it mean rising early in the morning before daily activities begin.
Now this sweet young lady has the right idea. Grab a good book and head for the nearest gauzy pavilion.

~A cozy spot~

This cozy spot with a down comforter, huge pile of magazines and hours to read-nap-read-nap...

Can you imagine a cozy spot where you can escape for a few hours? Do you like to treat yourself to a lazy day reading in bed, taking cat-naps and just catching-up?

~I wish you a warm, cozy and restful Saturday~

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  1. I picture myself in that last picture, the white cozy bed by the window. It is sort of like the room I stay in when in NJ.... I always hit my head on the angled ceiling!! Next weekend I will have the same opportunity! Hubby is heading out of town for the weekend and I can sit, read, and do exactly as I please for 3 days (not that I don't do it now but ... hooray)!!! xoxoxo

  2. Have a happy and restful weekend Debra, xv.

  3. Oohhww..I feel already relaxed after reading this post. All of the above for me please! Debra sweety, I wish you a relaxed, peaceful weekend with lots of books...(I think I might join you -lol-) XXX,C.

  4. The top room is my favorite, no relaxing until later today, my studio is open.

  5. Nice photos. Have a nice weekend Debra. I hope you get the r&r you seek.

  6. Have a wonderful Saturday. Thanks for the calming images.

  7. The girl in that gauzy tent, looks like my girl.
    I would love to curl up in any of those images with a good book. I think it is so important to make time with doing nothing. I value postponing things in honor of me.


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