Friday, October 9, 2009

Clean Eating~

~Six to eight glasses of water daily~

Just as soon as the weather turned cooler here in the northeast, I felt it my duty to make comfort dishes and bake...
There are just so many wonderful foods to prepare when the weather turns.
There is apple pie, apple cake, baked apples, comforting one-dish meals, pot roasts, roasted rosemary potatoes...

Hmmmm... those jeans that fit perfectly last May are just a tad snug now.

So, I'm back on track. I cleaned out the cupboards and stocked them with good, healthy snacks and loaded up on my favorite fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

~Wheat berries~

I love to cook! This is my favorite time of year to spend a day in the kitchen making soups, stews... and apple crisp.
Let's not forget Ina's plum raspberry crumble from last week's post.
So, I'm eating cleaner. I'm not a meat eater~ I do eat a little chicken or turkey breast occasionally- so I have to get my protein from other yummy things. I eat eggs, beans, legumes and I love fish. I have an array of favorite recipes using grains and beans.
So, although it may not be quite as much fun as a dish of warm apple crisp topped with vanilla ice cream, I do feel better when I eat healthy, clean foods.

~Fresh Vegetables~

I love fall and winter cooking but I have to clean-up my act a little.
I will be drinking more water, cutting way back on the carbs, less coffee {and I do love my coffee} and bumping up my workouts.


What do you do when perhaps you've over indulged a little and you want to get back on track.

Water glasses: Real Simple
Wheat berries: delish
Vegetables: Actual Globe


  1. You always have the cleanest images, that convey the message so loud and clear. I think eating fresh, limiting the amount, no sugar and lots of pure water is important.
    I try to fast when I can, just water and veggie juices always get me back to feeling svelte.
    good luck!

  2. Its is so coincidental that you posted this....a dear friend of mine just went to the store & stocked up and fruits, veggies, and brown rice, etc. Half is for me! She thinks with my long hours I need to eat better!

  3. When I've overdone it, I drink more water than usual, and stay away from anything sweet. In a few days I feel better.

  4. I remove sweets from my sight, which is difficult this time of year. Like you, I love to bake and this is the perfect time of year for that!

  5. I'm starting after my birthday..on the 30th! Hard part is old weather makes me want to eat warm comfortable foods!Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. hi debra ~
    i was just thinking of you this morning as i thought perhaps soup would be good for supper tonight ... and the fact that we are having our first snowfall is added incentive!
    generally i listen to my body and as i get older, it seems to be telling me more frequently to pay attention! i practice moderation in eating, but i do need to get more fresh air exercise ...
    just seeing your images entices me though, to take a 'fresh' look in the grocery aisles this week ~ thanks!

  7. Ah, good for you, Debra! I bet you are a wonderful cook. Thanks for the reminder to eat better....I have been very busy with work and doing lots of sitting with painting, so I need to get in more exercise and drink more water, especially since it's still 95 here! Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  8. I so agree with you Debra - this time of year finds me spending even more time in the kitchen (as if this was possible). And yes, eating clean is always the best!

  9. I love your picture of the water glasses. My mom always said "a clean colon is a healthy colon".
    A good walk on the beach and small meals gets me back on track.
    Wish I could tast your soups. :) I love the cold weather and a hot soup. very cozy feeling


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