Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday Review~


This bakery in Portland, Maine is one of my favorites. The Big Sky Bread Company is open 7 days a weeks and I always stop in when I visit The Artists & Craftsmen for art supplies.
The bags of crunchy granola are out-of-this-world. More a cookie than when you would think of
as granola. I have one for breakfast or in the afternoon with tea. They are chuck full of goodness and baked fresh daily.

~New paper for a new project~

~A few new tubes of paint~

I picked up a few new tubes of paint.
I love going to the Artists & Craftsmen. There is something about the scent, the textures and all of the fun artist and craft supplies. Sometimes I need to get away and see what's new, fun and exciting in the artist world.
~Artists & Craftsmen~
I had a nice Sunday. Coffee in the morning with friends and a nice drive to Portland for supplies. How was your weekend? Did you get out and do something special for yourself?


  1. Now you are talking my language - my kind of paper. I love it for special projects, just need to figure out how to scan it better.

  2. As I write this comment I am enjoying my French Roast coffee and mentally tasting the granola.. it sounds heavenly! Your Sunday sounded lovely.... for us it was the NY Times, Anchorage Daily News, morning tennis, dog walk...... xoxo

  3. Love a bread store...we had Great Harvest in SLC and they had the best oatmeal cookies...yum! Nice weekend sisters are gone. Back to reality!

  4. Fun weekend! We cleaned up the summer annuals in our garden. And now with the crimson sedum and purple grass, it now looks abit autumnal, which is nice. Today, going out pumpkin picking.

  5. Looks like a very nice weekend. Yummy and artful. I enjoyed a movie and time with friends so I'm happy:)

  6. What a great weekend. I am like a kid in a candy shop in any art supply store. Beautiful paper. Is it Arches Rag? I can't wait to see your new project!

  7. I LOVE this paper! One of my McDreamy's favorites!

  8. A friend of mine from Portland (who lives here in Italy as well) brought me some homemade Granola. Santa Maria...I finished the whole jar while she was still here drinking her coffee. She asked me: "Do you want the recipe or shall I make you some more and bring" I was soo embarrassed!! It was the first time in my life I ate Granola and it won't be the last - I tell you that!!


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