Monday, October 12, 2009

Portiuncula Chapel

Whenever I visit the south shore, I drive by this beautiful chapel. For several years I have wondered about it. This last trip was the first time I actually drove around the campus. I instantly felt a sort of peace on these beautiful grounds.
The Cardinal Cushing School is filling the needs of the young, the elderly, the troubled and the disadvantaged.

~ The Chapel~

I encourage you to visit the website here.
When I returned home I wanted to post about this serene place, but I still wasn't sure what it really was. It wasn't until I read the website that I became aware of what a special place this is.
I didn't realize that the chapel was open daily. Apparently there is a bakery offering vocational training for students. They also offer a culinary arts program, and there is a working greenhouse which is also part of the vocational program.
This will be at the top of my list during my next trip to the south shore.

~My window view~

This is the view from my bedroom when I stay at a friends family summer house.
Complete with gas fireplace and my own bath. The owners of the house rent it during selected weeks in the summer, fall and spring. When it isn't being rented or the owners aren't using it, we can use it. Occasionally a renter will have to cancel at the last moment and we get a call..."Can you use it this weekend"? You can see why I would drop everything in order to take in this view, walk on the beach, read, and during my next trip visit Portiuncula Chapel and the Cardinal Cushing School.

My photos ;)


  1. A unique chapel - so pretty. I like the idea of all the specialties they bring to the table. You are very fortunate to visit such a place. Such a treat for the senses!

  2. What an amazing place! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip...great pictures.

  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful site. No wonder it is so peaceful, it is so well planned and all the stones from Assisi! I visited the website and had no idea about Cardinal Cushing's mission. That was very interesting. Next time you go there, you must report to us about the treats at the bakery, the "signature M&M Cake" sounds delicious... also I would check out the thrift sotre... so much more there!! xoxoxo

  4. On our honeymoon, we trekked all the way to a special place. I too keep trying to figure out how to post on this....
    Places like this never leave us, they are spots to go to, to remember, to give thanks and to enjoy.
    Thanks for sharing this sweet spot, you should sketch this one!

  5. It look like a beautiful and peaceful place.

  6. What a beautiful serene respite. The art is breathtaking!

  7. hi debra ~
    isn't it funny how we can pass by the same spot over and over again and finally one day just take the time ... and for some reason, it is always the right time to do so ...
    what an incredible place this is ... serving so many in so many ways ...
    your thoughts passing by will never be the same ... on your way to your little piece of paradise!
    prairiegirl xo

  8. What a fantastic little spot! I would definitely have to stop in here as well. And what great works!

    Good for you to be able to have excursions to the South shore!


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