Tuesday, October 13, 2009


~The box I remember~

Do any of you remember Heide JUJUBES?

When I was young, we had a beautiful old movie theater right in town. Each Saturday my girlfriends and I would take in a matinee.

I think the tickets were about $1.00 and we always had change for a little sweet treat. My candy of choice was always Heide JUJUBES. Tiny b-b sized fruit gummies. I remember the white box-although I don't remember if they were a nickle.


Sometimes I would save a few for later Saturday night. I never saw them at the fruit store where there were rows of other classic candies- Fireballs, Mint Juleps, Ice Cubes, Squirrels, Wax lips, etc.

I do have a sweet tooth- but am careful about the amount of sugar I consume. Today while perusing the Internet I came across Old Time Candy.

It is like taking a trip back to your youth {well...for some of us}.

~The current JUJUBES box~

There they were! The old box that I remember from years ago and the newer, brighter box.
I had to see if they looked the same. Would they taste like the JUJUBES from back then? There's only one way to satisfy! I've just placed an order for a case of these.

Do you see what can happen when you spend a quiet afternoon on the computer?
So, if you remember JUJUBES with sweet fondness~ email me and I'll send off a box to you.
I'll be receiving 24 boxes...

Just save a couple for me-you never know when I might want to grab a box and head off to a matinee.

Old Time Candy


  1. I remember them getting stuck in my teeth!
    There are some things that make life sweeter....snow-caps, jolly ranchers and my little girl loves "star-bursts" -
    my sons like these awful things called "War-heads" that make your mouth feel like taking cover.
    Sweet post Deb-ra.

  2. PvE~ YES! Sno-caps, I love those and the much large version...

  3. YUM! Ahh you should invite some friends over and everyone can get a sugar high together! LOVE IT.

  4. How fun. I'm afraid to click on the link. LOL! I remember the shoe lace candy and when the Swedish fish were a penny and the candy necklaces. So good and sticky. Great post!

  5. Oh Snow Caps!!! I am crazy for non-pareil covered dark chocolate.... At the Kobuk Coffee shop in Anchorage (I did a post on them a few months ago) they have lots of old fashioned candy for sale. I will check to see if they have Jujubes. And do you like Walnettos? YUM... My favorite "old school" movie treat when I was a girl was that large package of small Mounds bars.... Thanks for the memories today Debra xoxo

  6. Yep, I remember them, but never liked them much. Cracker Barrel (if you have any near your) always has a load of those old candies. Always fun to glance through them when I'm traveling.

  7. I love jujubes, the colors, I would always decide which to eat first, all of one color then the next and so on!

  8. JUJUBES are my favorite!! I know they are sooo hard to chew and don't really have a ton of flavor, but maybe it's the challenge of chewing them that I love? They are so wonderful!!!!

  9. just the orange ones, just save me the orange ones ... and i so agree with pve ... the getting stuck in my teeth thing!
    and just saying that name ... jujubes ... especially with one stuck in your teeth ... is too much fun!
    prairiegirl xo

  10. What a great post. I loved jujubes as a kid, and sweethearts, and squirrels, and pixie sticks, and goobers. Wow, I loved sugar in those days!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my Angela Adams post. So glad that we've found each other. I'm from Maine originally and am living back here for a few months on Peaks Island. Don't tell anyone, but I don't want to go back to Massachusetts!

  11. My favorite has always been Junior Mints.

  12. Ok, now I have a gummy candy craving...

  13. I'm here from Kwana's blog and I have to say that you brought back memories for me. When I was a kid, I used to eat those and jujyfruit, jolly joes, Mike and Ikes and Flicks (at the theater). I also ate charms lollipops and chewed Gold Rush bubblegum.

    I have to admit that I swallowed juju bees bees they were a bit hard to chew.

  14. I remember those and the momentary panic that would set in when I couldn't pull my jaws apart after they stuck to my teeth! LOL

  15. Oh Debra, MOTH will adore this post! He has an absolute addiction to Jube-like candy of any description. If we drive from Adelaide to Melbourne it's about 450 miles or in MOTH's language, 6 big packets of Fruit Jubes.
    Millie ^_^
    P.S. Thank you dear for your beautiful & encouraging comments over @ The Hedge - it's been one of THOSE weeks.


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