Thursday, October 22, 2009

What do your jeans say about your genes?

~Downtown Trouser~

Are you on the conservative end? The classic trouser, paired nicely with a tee or white oxford cloth shirt. Your Mom whispering in your ear that classic and tasteful are always best, and those are the ladies that always get the second glance? And don't forget to wear your pearls.

~Ankle Stretch Toothpick~

Perhaps these swanky slims. If you've got the figure...I say 'go for it'. Mom would always approve if worn with a cute cardigan. After all wasn't she the one that would wear a high-waisted pant, one of Dad's white shirts and a cummerbund?


The only way these would have been given the "o.k." nod is if they were very neatly tucked into some fabulous riding boots.

~Vintage Slim~

Pardon me... I could do this myself. Strap these babies onto the back of a pick-up and joy-ride over a bumpy road. These cuties would have never made it in the front door. Well... perhaps to wash windows...inside windows.

{Personally, I think these paired with a boyfriend oxford shirt would be adorable - in a shabby chic sort of way.}

~Boot Cut~

My all time, go to jeans. They can look tailored and neat {for you Mom}, a little edgy when worn with cowgirl boots, and let's face it- for those of us who aren't a size 4-they are just darn comfortable.

So tell me- what do your jeans say about your genes? When you shop for jeans and just start to feel like you want jazz it up a bit, you want to ease out of your comfort zone-just a tad, what jeans do you go for? And do any of you ever hear that little whisper.....

'Just a touch Debra behind your more' {from this post} or~ 'Tasteful and timeless always get the second glance'.

J. Crew


  1. my little girl wants to have some "ripped" jeans and this Mom says "No" to that, but I do love all the colored jeans for kids now. I also love the deep dark skinny jeans.
    I may be coming round to a little tear or a casual rip...

  2. PvE~ Yeah-me too...but shhhh~don't tell Mom!

  3. I like two types of jeans for me. One is the Saturday work jeans, alittle faded, look nice and worn. The second pair is a dark wash trouser. It's classic and they make any shoe or boot I wear look interesting.

  4. For me I always feel best with boot cut!
    Never been a fan of ripped or acid wash...eeek!
    Great day to you Debra!!

  5. I ususlly go with a boot cut but lately I'm been keen on a but of flair and a little sexiness and comfort is always key.

  6. A wonderful post my friend. Your mom sounds like she was a very fashionable woman. Share more! xoxo

  7. I LOVE the window washing jeans. I have been buying Not Your Daughter's Jeans. Great fit! Also I like French Laundry slacks. xoxo

  8. I still love boot cuts, the denim city trouser is nice too. I find myself wearing more jeans than ever with a great blouse, tee, or turtle and a scarf, voila!

  9. I like the bootcut jeans, because they are a bit more comfortable. I have a pair of the skinny jeans, but I don't much like having my ankles constricted. LOL. Have a beautiful weekend, Debra! xo

  10. The low cut boot leg for me Debra. At 53 I think my ripped look days are gone, but I actually think the kids look great in them.
    Millie ^_^


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